Sunday, May 2, 2010

My first Beltane

I'm still wandering around a bit lost when it comes to knowing exactly what to do.  I had some plans but those mysterious things are ever elusive for me.  Making them, no, but fulfilling them...never.

Fortunately I don't feel like I'm on a timetable and can appreciate the return of the sun in any form or time I need to.  I told Tom of my plans for a fairy garden/sanctuary and he likes the idea.  He doesn't realize the meaning behind it for me, but surprisingly the purpose for it appeals to him so he's behind me on it.  I'll take pictures as I work on it.

I think I'm finally getting over the flu but today was such a busy day that I didn't get the rest I needed nor did I eat the way I should have.  I must try harder tomorrow, especially as Zach needs to lose weight as well and I must be the example for him.

Zach wants help setting up an altar but it will have to wait until Monday probably.   He's about a week or so behind me with this flu but seems to be overcoming it better and quicker than I did.  Ah, youth.

Zach and I plan on taking nature walks at least once a week..with the dog so we can focus better on our surroundings, look for items for our respective altars and for my craft projects.  I am looking at making an amulet to wear and maybe if it turns out well, I can sell them.  The tarot cards keep telling me that my finances are wedded to my spiritual path and since I've been trying to find a home business (having a chronic illness that makes me unreliable for a job puts me in a position to find something I can do at home,) I should consider what this means.  Tom is also behind me on this so I need to at least look into it.  He's also offered to go hiking with me and help me look for rocks and crystals.

But for now I need to go turn my lights out and put on the dvd I got from the library and just veg out for a while.  

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