Friday, March 30, 2012

On the flip side

where I said I would see you all.

I took some time, maybe not enough, to try to figure out why I can't seem to settle on a path and I think I've got it figured out.  When I was growing up, I didn't have any choice whatsoever about my spiritual path.  Not only could I not look outside Christianity, but I also couldn't look outside the Baptist church.  I can't count the number of times my parents criticized all the other churches in town as not having the correct doctrines.  And Catholic?  We were threatened with being disowned if we ever converted to Catholicism.

Later on, in my middle age, my parents lightened up a bit and acknowledged that Methodists, Presbyterians and members of the Christian Church were Christians as well, although Baptists still had the most correct doctrine.  But when I became an Episcopalian, they frequently would question me on how close it was to Catholicism and on various doctrines they deemed incorrect (and potentially leading to lack of salvation.)

I spent a great deal of  my adult life trying to find a Christian denomination that felt right and gave me what I was looking for.  It wasn't until I joined the Episcopal Church I found the form and ritual I loved, but by then it was too late.  I had lost my faith.  Irrevocably gone.

So I looked into Paganism, not realizing what a vast collection of beliefs that was.  Initially all I really knew was Wicca so I looked into that but it didn't feel like a good fit at all.  Once in that direction, though, I discovered the plethora of Pagan paths that were available to me.  Unfortunately it was like having only been allowed one choice all my life, the possibilities overwhelmed me and left me incapable of deciding at all.  Each thing I tried was "it" for me until I found something else that seemed like "it" again.

Abject fear of commitment reared its ugly head and also contributed to my inability to make a choice.  I have felt paralyzed by that inability.

When I couldn't find the Norse gods at all, instead of actually trying, I just gave up.  The amount of information out there I had to learn was also overwhelming.  I'm nearly 60 years old and the thought of starting over again was a bit defeating for me.  So I settled for something I knew a little bit about, at least.  And I do have a heart for Druidry and a love for the Celtic gods.  But there was still something missing.

I had put away all my Asatru books, thinking I had wasted my money once again on things I wouldn't ever use again, but I couldn't put away the Norse gods.  They consumed my thoughts.  Each mention of them in any format made my heart jump just a little.  But I was tired of jumping from one thing to another and didn't want to come back to this blog once again and tell  you all how silly I've been and have now found "the" right path after all.

Then it came to me the other night while I was lying in bed watching the candles on my altar, not praying to anyone or even looking to any god at all.

I have been so afraid of making the wrong choice that I can't commit.  And yet, by not committing all I've been doing is making the wrong choices.  It takes more than picking up a book and deciding to focus on these gods now and those gods then.  It takes genuine commitment.  I had to choose.  I had to decide that I will take this path and follow these gods or I will wander aimlessly the rest of my life.  And I am so tired of wandering.  I want to settle on a home.

I know some of you love wanderlust and thrive on the journey.  But for me it's been torture and a very spiritually bleak experience.

Once I made that connection with my inability to commit and the lack of direction in my spiritual life, I changed my hearth picture out to the one of three goddesses, lit my candles and incense and made my commitment to Frigg and all the Norse gods and goddesses, that even if I never felt that surge of energy I had felt in the past with other gods, I would still hold true to them because it was them I wanted...not the feeling.  Where in the past I had felt nothing, this time I felt an overpowering charge of energy, one that brought tears to my eyes with the feelings of love I felt in that energy.

Before when reading the books, it was overwhelming and a bit incomprehensible to my foggy brain, now I am absorbing (although retention is still a bit of a problem) and devouring all I read.  I still feel overwhelmed at all I need to learn but know that I must just take one step at a time, one day at a time.  I'm not racing against time anymore.

I post this with a lot of fear that my paralysis will return and I will retreat once again to that dark corner where there are no connections and no commitments but I hope this time I will be strong and stay on course.  All I can do is admit that my fears have taken control of me and hope to conquer them so I can be free. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Going to take some time

...away from my blogs for a while. I need to regroup and focus on using what energy I've got to get my home in order and perhaps focus on studies for a while.  I'll still be on facebook daily, although not as often as I have been. 

I'm still facing indecision on this path and need to just step away from it all and let the path unfold before me instead of trying to forge my own path.

I won't be gone long but I need to do this for a bit.

See ya on the flip side.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elvis has left the playground with updates X 3

I know that people are people no matter where you go so I wasn't surprised to see some snark going on in a Pagan group I belonged to on facecrack.  I just don't do the gossip thing, though.  When someone comes to the group and says tearfully that they have to leave because someone there doesn't like them and everyone jumps on that bandwagon to basically start trash talking the person who isn't a part of the conversation, I'm uncomfortable about it.  I had suspicions that I knew what it was about but wasn't going to make any assumptions.  So I just said I wasn't comfortable with the direction the discussion was taking.

Two people thought the same until the administrator came in and said she knew what it was about and this person could say whatever he wanted.  Then I knew for sure who was involved because the admin really dislikes the person who I thought was being gossiped about.  So, of course it's okay to talk badly about people you don't like.

Without a backward glance, I left the group.  I don't expect Pagans to be better than their Christian counterparts at all.  But I'm not going to play in their playground if that's the way they want to behave.

It's a shame because it was the only chance I had (until Cin moves here) to meet any Pagans in the area.  But I will admit that I had reservations because of other things going on as well.  Some territorial behavior from the admin toward someone trying to help (even if he didn't go about it the right way, you don't jump his shit in front of everyone else) and some other snarking that was going on.  Plus  a lot of deleting of things that didn't go the admin's way.

So...who needs 'em?  Just glad I've got my online friends.

And just for clarification...the other party never said that the "injured" party should leave the group.  No  trying to get people on her side at all.  In fact, I only figured it out based on an obscure conversation she had.

Update:  Of course the manipulation worked...the person has joyously agreed to stay in the group and not let  one closed minded twit ruin everything.  Oh, yeah...that's not manipulation.  And of course people are patting him on the back.  Never mind that he's trash talking someone who isn't there to defend herself.

Fuckin' jerks.

Update 2:  Even if the person I think it is, isn't the one being trashed, I still think it's fucking wrong to do it.

Update 3:  Someone called him out on his name-calling and surprise! the admin has deleted the entire conversation.  Not the first time she's done something like this.  And yes, I'm aware I'm being a bit bitchy about this whole thing but this is where I can vent safely.

Monday, March 26, 2012

It turns out committing isn't a bad thing, after all

I've been doing more reading lately...both for study and for fun. I'm making my way through Lord of the Rings once again. I quit counting at 35 times read but that was over 20 years ago. I think I've only read it a couple of times since then.  As I'm also working on my annual journey through all my dvds, including commentaries and documentaries on both the theatrical version and the extended version, I thought it was time.

I'm reading The Druid Handbook again while consulting my notes from the first read-through to see if my impressions have changed any.  They have.  I can thank my journey through other pantheons for that.  And that is a good thing.  Zach wants to go through his Dragon Magic book together so we're going to read that and the Spellcraft book in the evenings after ritual.  I don't know if he's going to be there for ritual; it's not important that he is but would be nice.  I'm finally feeling committed after all this time. Or maybe I'm feeling like I should be committed.  Either way it feels good.

I have had such a connection with the gods of the Celtic way.  I mean powerful and physical connections. Immediate, too.  I feel like I was welcomed back with open arms.  My morning ministrations to Brighid have been incredible.  Cernnunos and the Morrigan have been ever-present.  And Cerridwen sits on my altar and smiles at me.  The family altar this time.

The troll hasn't been back since telling me I was going to hell to burn for all eternity.  Thankfully.  But I did get a letter today from a girl who was in our old fundie church and has since moved to California.  She wanted money so she could go save the souls of the people in Papua, New Guinea.  The letter is now in shreds in my wastebasket because I figure the people of Papua, New Guinea are fine the way they are, especially as 96% of them consider themselves to be Christians. But I guess the 4% who are Muslims or Pagan need her help.

Gah!  I wish to fuck missionaries would leave those people alone to live with their traditions and religions.  I weep to think about all the cultures lost because the people were told their ways were evil and had to destroy everything that made them who they were.

Not to mention I haven't seen this girl in over 7 years.  I guess when you want money, everyone becomes your friend.

 Back to me, though.  I'm also reading Rituals of the Dark Moon, slowly making my way through it.  I didn't make it far enough in to celebrate that last Dark Moon but I didn't want to rush it. I'm pacing myself, figuring out what adjustments I'll make to the Wiccan-based rituals she uses.  I'm not one for casting circles. I like to call the corners but I don't do well locked into a circle.  Still, there is plenty of room for doing it differently as she explains. I haven't even gotten into the good stuff yet.  Can't wait.

Well, I can smell supper cooking so I'm off to finish that up and then ritual, reading and bed.  I greeted the Morning today, much earlier than I wanted to. I don't think she recognized me.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Painful truths are also liberating truths

I lit my hearth candle this morning and invoked Brighid, not expecting anything because it's been a while since I've had a serious connection with any kind of deity, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I felt a very powerful connection; one that I haven't felt in quite a while. So I've been pondering that all day, as I have worked in the kitchen cleaning and I think I have figured out what it is I've been doing.

Odd as it sounds, I think I've been searching for what I lost with Christianity. More structure, more form, more rigidity.   And yet those were part of the reason I left it behind. I love ritual but what is it that I love about it?  I think part of it is the form, the design, the architecture of it.  Of course it must have meaning, but ritual without design isn't very meaningful for me.  So I've been looking for more and more structured ritual, as I found with the Greeks.  And yet it wasn't satisfying at all.

I've also been looking for something that had things spelled out for me so I didn't have to do a lot of work myself.  Again, something like I had with Christianity.  Tell me what to believe; don't make me figure it out for myself.  It's not any wonder that I felt claustrophobic under those conditions, though. 

I've been searching for an ordered and structured pantheon as if I were ordering from a menu.  I'll have the Norse pantheon with some blots and troths in white sauce and a nice horn of mead to go with that.  Again, finding something already set up for me so I didn't have to figure it out for myself. 

What I forgot was that the gods call you.  You don't order them from a catalog in the size and color you desire.  The gods know if you are the right fit for them.  They don't audition you, the way I auditioned them.  They know because they've been aware of you for longer than you've been aware of them.

I made the same mistake I've made all my life. I keep picking relationships that aren't a good fit for me.  My "arranged marriage" with Christianity was a master/slave relationship.  With the Greeks, I was a sycophant, wanting them to like me and sucking up to them in spite of the obvious personality clash between us.  And with the Norse, it was unrequited infatuation.  But again, an even worse personality clash.

The only real fit for me, with who I am and what my expectations are, are those in the Celtic/Druidry realm. I don't need a nanny to hold my hand and tell me what to believe. I don't need another dysfunctional relationship with the gods.  I need a connection that validates who I am and accepts me unconditionally.  Honestly, I didn't get that with the Greeks at all.  I never felt like I was doing it right or that I was good enough.  The Norse I never connected with at all which made me feel even worse about myself although in retrospect, I'm glad they didn't because in the long run, it would have been disastrous.

I'm not saying that the Greek path or the Norse path is a bad thing.  For the right person, they are a wondrous thing.  But they weren't spiritually healthy relationships for me.  They weren't abusive to me at all; that's not what I mean. I mean it's more like taking a degree in math when your passion is art.  I still have a fondness for the gods of both realms and always will.  I hold them in high esteem but they didn't call me.  I have to admit that I wanted that to be true, but it's not.  They didn't.

Druidry did call me...gently, persistently, lovingly and patiently.  I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

They're coming home

No, not the Greeks.

I had decided, since I can't seem to make a connection with the Norse gods to just put the call out there and see who answers. I miss the feeling of having a houseful of gods.  The house feels bleak without them.  So over the past couple of days, I've been listening, watching and waiting. a crow was cawing at me this morning from his perch in a tree across the highway.  I'm sure it was me he was talking to because he was facing me and when I moved, he changed his direction as well.  Finally several other crows came to him and they all flew off.

This morning I saw the name Brighid several times in places I wouldn't have thought to see the name.  I called upon her this morning when I lit the hearth candle and felt a tiny response.  When I called upon the other hearth goddesses...nothing.

The name Cernnunos has been in my mind for two days running.  Nearly non-stop.

I think I'm right back where I started.  In Druidry with the gods of the British Isles.  Not leaping and dancing for joy but I do feel a bit of a glow, like a small fire in the fireplace.  I'm tired of drifting, dating around. wooing the gods.  I want to settle down and make a commitment.  I told Zach that as much as the Norse gods intrigued me and that I wanted to learn about them, they really didn't fit in well with my personality and my character.  There are things about them that are in direct conflict with how I view the world:  both this one and the one past the veil.  When it comes down to it, the gods of the British Isles are a perfect fit for me.  I just didn't let them pull me in.  That fear thing, of course.

I pulled out my Druidry books and notes and such last night but this fatigue has me so beaten down that I fell asleep before I could read anything.  And I doubt tonight will be much different since the city woodchopper woke me up way early this morning. I did do some reading this morning though (and fell sleep reading) so I have made some effort.

The house already feels less empty. Not full, but there are definitely some gods here. I'll wait it out and see how it goes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ostara or not...hard to get in the mood

And I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm in a low point right now due partly to not feeling well, partly to not having transportation thereby limiting my options.  And I'm feeling particularly whiny these days.

I keep reading as much as I can about the Norse path and  no matter how much progress I think I've made, I've barely tapped into the fountain of knowledge that is in the books I've got.  Not to mention the books and internet sources out there.  In many ways it's like a different language.  One thing I particularly love about Our Troth is the history of religion, tracing the Norse path from the proto-Indo-European groups.  I lived for years with a religion that couldn't stand the scrutiny of truth so I appreciate knowing where my ancestors came from and how they came to rely on and worship their gods.  Well, anyone's ancestors for that matter as I consider all the ancestors "mine" in one form or another.

I had an epiphany about my former threshold altar/shrine that had been dedicated to Hermes and Zeus previously.  I was reading in my Heathen books about animals and how valued they were in spiritual aspects so I chose to put all my statuettes in that place, including my rooster picture.  The space really reflects some good feelings there.  Except I could use a wolf statue. Mostly because my husband hates them so much that he would like to eradicate them from the earth because they kill fawns. He views them as competition in deer hunting.  I couldn't respond to him when he said that because the hatred was so volatile.  I was afraid to set him off.  I've loved wolves for years and just can't handle that kind of attitude.  So I'd like to have a wolf on my altar to honor their spirit and pray for their continuation in light of the state assembly authorizing wolf hunts in this state.  Grrrrr. Protect your livestock and animals, yes.  Hunt for sport...fuck, no!

I'm not sure if we will do anything tonight for Ostara/Vernal Equinox/ Alban Eiler...whatever.  I might wait until I feel ready for it.  Or not at all.  It's not the end of the world if I don't have anything formal set up. I might just sit and meditate about the season changes and look at the pretty candlelight.  Sometimes that's enough.

In the meantime, I'm going to take a nap. I got little sleep last night because I had to get up to take Zach to the dr for labs and tomorrow I have to get up early to run some errands.  Another reason I'm down in the valley today.  I really hate this near-continuous isolation whenever one of our cars breaks down.  And they always break down. In the past 6 months, I've been without transportation 3 different times.  And the only reason the truck was fixed the previous two times was because Tom was going up north for hunting and fishing. If he doesn't go anywhere, the other vehicle has been known to sit there for months.  Because if he can get to work, nothing much else seems to matter.  Granted, he only has one day a week to work on it, but he's been known to take a vacation day to help his brother fix up his cabin up north.  'Just sayin'.

I've got to get out of this pissy mood. No wonder the gods are avoiding me lately.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Courting gods

I bought some candles today. Pretty spring-like colors because I need them.  Well, I don't need them, but I sure wanted them.  I have red and white but wanted something to express the feeling of spring that's going on right now.  I don't care if it snows next week.  Right now I need color.

I took down the grandmothers from the wall above my altar and put my goddesses, moon and frolicking maidens back up.  I just couldn't work my altar with the grandmothers there. I wonder if it's because two of them were devout Christians and the other a devout atheist.  I feel more attached to the distant ancestors I don't know than the ones I do know.  Well, I don't know Great-Grandma Lee, but I've heard about her.

I think it's hard for me to connect with those ancestors I knew to be Christian because of the very prominent law that exists within evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity:  we're right and you're wrong.  And since I have no clear picture of the world beyond aside from believing we recycle reincarnate I can't say they haven't gone to their heaven, just like they thought they would. I only know I'm not going there.  By choice.

I couldn't make a connection with Frigga this morning but as I was in a very cranky mood due to lack of sleep maybe the fault was mine.  I admit I'm having a hard time connecting with the Norse gods but I really do think it's my reticence to make that step.  I think I'm gun-shy.  Maybe the Greeks hurt me more than I realized. the way, drove past the house last night but didn't stop.  Maybe it was because I turned the porch light off, along with all the lights in the house and pretended I wasn't home.  Sometimes I think I should let them come back. Other times I think they're not too reliable and wouldn't stick around anyway.

And this afternoon, Cerridwen stopped by and sat on my hearth altar for a few moments.  She didn't say anything. Just sat there and looked around with a pleased smile on her face.  I can't imagine why as the house is a disaster and needs a thorough cleaning.  But then, she's not a hearth goddess, I don't think.  Maybe she likes chaos.

I'm going to bed and read tonight.  I'm really feeling the pull toward Druidry right now so I might focus on those books rather than my Norse books.  But I haven't given up on them.  I still think we might make a good fit if I could just get my courage up to take that step.  Or maybe I should wait for them to take the first step.

Courting gods is so complex.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The path becomes clearer

I hadn't been trying very hard to make a connection with the Norse gods but since I'm beginning to feel a void in my life without that connection, I think that means I'm ready to move forward.  And still feeling the pull toward Druidry no matter which path I take.

I read both Tarot and my Animal Oracle cards last night. It was interesting that the first pass on the Tarot was complete gibberish.  The second was down-right mean-spirited so I prayed to whatever god of divination was out there, calling upon Frigg, Apollo, Brighid...anyone and said that if I had offended in some say I wanted to let them know how sorry I was for offending them if they would just tell me what it was I did. I got nothing but the next spread was really good and really clear.  It was completely in agreement with the Animal Oracle cards that my path and my gods were those of my ancestors and that I was ready to move into that stage of study and initiation (not necessarily formal...more of a commitment type of deal.)  This really fell into line with the things I had been pondering about how to merge my new-found love of the Norse gods with my old lover, Druidry.

And today, while reading Our Troth, I read about the intermingling of the Celts and Germanic peoples and how many of the religious, cultural and social aspects had crossed barriers during that time.  As my ancestry is Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Apache (supposedly) it seemed a great blending and the perfect path for me.  And there's a Norse Druid group on facecrack so I'm not the only one walking this path.

I suspect this is where I've been heading all along since I loved Druidry but could not connect with the Celtic/Irish/Welsh/etc deities.  I couldn't manage to perfect that blending with the Hellenic gods either but since the Norse are kissin' cousins to the Celts, this might just work out for the best.

There are many aspects of Asatru that I really love and feel an affinity for except I see myself more of a gentle soul. Not a hunter.  Not a warrior.  Fierce, maybe, but not one to use weapons.  Aside from my mean mouth, that is. That's where the Druid part fits in so well. 

I had books galore spread all over my bed today, reading and absorbing.  Until I fell asleep.  But it was a good day for learning otherwise.  And in just a few minutes, I'm going back to reading some more.  I have all my journals out as well, so maybe I'll actually start writing in them.  There is so much knowledge out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I haven't really developed any kind of rituals yet.  Still playing it by ear but as a fanatical lover of ritual, I am eager to start.  I've been reading Rituals of the Dark Moon in preparation for the next one.  I'm excited about it and loving the book so far.  Except she says that how you view rituals has to do with how you were raised.  And as I was raised Baptist, I should be one for just bare bones ritual or winging it.  Yet I love rituals.  The more formal, the better.  I must be an aberration.  Still, the rest of it is very good.

I plan on working on writing prayers in journals tonight so I have them handy for my morning rituals.  I've been trying to just pray from my heart but I don't do well with extemporaneous prayer.  Stems from all those times in church when I was called upon to pray and just stumbled all over myself attempting it.  But written prayers have a quality to them that is poetry.

And so I go back to the books and enjoy all they have to offer.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The body is better; it's time to heal the spirit

My cold has waned and my aching body is feeling better, especially after some very good and deep sleep last night so I thought it was time to get back on spiritual track.  I had been reading about the history of the Norse religion, which was really a good read, but I felt like it was time to get into learning about the practice of the Norse path.  I had been taking my time getting there until I felt like I was ready.

I'm ready.

In addition to Our Troth, volumes 1 & 2, I also bought True Hearth, by James Allen Chisholm.  It's a slim book and the proof-reading leaves a lot to be desired, but the information in it is pretty darned good.  He makes a claim in Chapter 3 that (i)n the Ring of Troth there is no such thing as a "heretic."  How I loved to read those words, especially having lived in on a spiritual path that made everyone a heretic at one point or another, depending on who was interpreting the scriptures.  There is no set of orthodox dogmas or doctrines to which one must adhere in order to be thought "true" to the Gods and ancestors.  Again...words I needed to hear so much.  I am not encountering the rigidity that I've seen in other reconstructionist paths, although I'm sure there are those elements in the Norse path.  Nearly everyone I've encountered on this path, who have claimed to be recons, have always applied those criteria only to themselves.  Live and let live seems to be the prevailing wisdom.

Another thing I read today that brightened my heart was (t)he Teutonic tradition is one that values change and flux.  It is also common for true folk to change their view of the Gods and Goddesses as their knowledge of the lore deepens and is brought together with their life experiences.  To me, these are magickal words.  I had been putting off any kind of practice or worship because I didn't want to do it wrong.  This was a combination of my Christian experiences and the Greek period, in which everywhere I turned was the fear that not doing it right invoked hubris from the gods.  For some of you that seems a bit incomprehensible that anyone could be afraid to worship the gods, but I can assure you it was a very real fear of mine.

Learn as I go?  What a concept.

So, I feel the pull to just wing it and let it happen.  Light the candles.  Talk to the gods.  Have heart-to-hearts with the ancestors.  Connect with the past and live in the present.  Don't even worry about feeling a connection yet.  Just do it.

It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and more and more like this path has much to offer me.  And much that I can offer in return.

And to read some more.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Down time

I haven't done much of anything in the way of moving forward on my spiritual path because I've felt like crap for the past several days due to a nasty cold given by, thankyouverymuch, my husband.  Bless his heart he didn't miss any work and I acted like a big baby but I seriously think mine was worse than his.  And he can't prove me wrong. :)

I've avoided lit candles and incense lately because both seem to irritate my throat.  I have offered up prayers to Eir and any health deity out there who is available and I am feeling a bit better today although I'm heading back to bed in just a few minutes.  Still, I'm not in the mood to learn or ponder anything of any spiritual significance right now.  My brain is mush.  What little I got read last week will have to be re-read so there's no point in trying to move forward in my books.

In the meantime, down time is what is called for.  Rest and nourishment for the body.  The spirit can wait for now.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Might be the last hurrah

...of winter.  Might not.  But it's snowing today, as in winter storm snowing.  I don't think we'll get the maximum 8 inches, although we might get as much as 6.  The library closed early due to weather so it must be serious.  Tom has to drive home in it but I made him take his sleeping bag in case he gets stranded there.  They're telling people to stay off the roads.  I'm also listening to the Weather Channel because the area directly south of my hometown was devastated by a tornado today.  One very small town was completely destroyed.  Nothing left there. 

It's beautiful but I am looking forward to spring.  I love winter until around February; then I long for spring.  Green grass, no coats.  Until summer when I'm hot and sweating.  Then I long for fall, which has become my absolute favorite season. 

I've calmed down a lot since yesterday.  Didn't do a cleansing today but I will get to it when I can. I kind of think the house should be a bit clean when I do it.  Otherwise I won't have my heart into it and since I had to get up early today to run errands, I'm tired and dragging.  I'll get it done on Monday maybe.  I don't want to do it while Tom's around.  He's supportive but I suspect a bit bemused by it all.  I've seen that smirk on his face when I talk about magick and things of that nature.  It doesn't bother me, but it makes me feel a bit self-conscious if he's around.

Although he's very respectful if he finds me spending time at the altar, which means a lot to me.  I've been reading my new books and really like them.  Both volumes of Our Troth are good-sized books with lots of information in them.  The first part of volume 1 is about the history of the Norse religion, tracing it to Proto Indo-European ancestors.  It really  is interesting to follow the path of migration of the gods, so to speak.

The second part is about the Lore...about the gods, spirits, beliefs, virtues, etc.  I'm really looking forward to that part.  Volume 2 is Living the Troth which, of course, is about the practicalities of the path:  marriage, death, ritual, etc.  I'm looking forward to that, too.

True Hearth is a small book about living in a traditional household.  I'm not planning on incorporating reconstructionism into my path but I do love the information that exists because of it. 

I also started Rituals of the Dark Moon and I love what I've read so far.  There are some aspects that I can't relate to as they are primarily Wiccan but I do love her attitude about the Dark Moon.  I can relate to that. 

One thing happened yesterday that threatened to disrupt my newly-found path, but somehow didn't.  The new group I found on facecrack got into a political discussion, which I had feared, as I'm sure a good many of them are conservative/libertarians and I am not.  But there were enough of them on the left of in the middle to compensate for the majority.  What I realized was that all those on the right were reconstructionists and the ones on the left or in the middle weren't.  But since they didn't let the discussion dissolve into a free-for-all, but kept it respectful and calm, well...they passed the test.  Another group I was on with the Greeks wasn't so nice.  Or respectful on non-recons.

So...still walking this path with confidence and hope.  I love what I'm learning and how slowly I seem to be walking the path.  It's leisurely and very enjoyable.  Even if I don't stay on this path, the scenery is amazing.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is effing old

The books have arrived although I haven't even opened them yet.  I'm in a bad mood due to the truck being down again...after spending nearly $2000 on it in the past 6 months and my solutions to our problems being dismissed as if I'm stupid.  So...yeah...tired of all this bad luck that just seems to keep piling on.  And while my convenience isn't a big issue, I'm the one who has to sit home until the damned thing gets fixed again, which could be weeks from now because Tom only gets one day a week off from work.  Ever.  And should Zach get a job he's going to lose it because we never have two vehicles up and running for long.  And this has lasted for over 16 years.  No shit.

I'm not well-versed in magick yet and the one time I did try a spell to block all the negativity that has heaped upon us (I swear we're under a curse) but nothing changed so it wasn't effective apparently.

I will try to calm myself and settle myself in and read tonight in hopes things will look brighter tomorrow.  Not sure of the gods enough to ask for any help right now so I'll just send a prayer out in the ether to whoever is listening.  I'm about worn down from all this.  I truly am.