Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Change and me

I was reading some Pagan blogs today and chanced upon this particular entry: 

If you take (a copy of) the Christian bible and put it out in the wind and the rain, soon the paper on which the words are written will disintegrate and the words will be gone.  Our bible IS the wind and the rain.
                         Herbalist Carol McGrath as told to her by a Native American woman

I had heard that many years ago when I was a fundamentalist Christian and you can be sure I was sorely offended by it.  But since then I've learned a lot about the compilation of the Bible, how the telephone game of passing down the story of Jesus resulted in different versions that contradict each other.  How different gospels were written to address specific problems happening in that particular era and so we end up with contradictory stories of who Jesus is and just what "salvation" is and what the rules actually are.

I'm now more offended by books created centuries ago by men intent on manipulating people so that they will live in fear and dread over both their physical and spiritual futures.  The words are rigid, unbending and binding.  They keep us shut into rooms with no doors because change is evil. 

While Nature can be wild and untamed, She never leashes her power on us to punish us or to bring us to our knees.  But it is her very nature to cause change because nothing in life is stagnant.  Over time She erodes the biggest boulders and causes the rivers to change the landscape. Nothing should stay the same forever.  Especially us.  It's particularly relevant to me today as the winds are strong enough that I couldn't open the truck door.  She's having a really wild day today.  I could feel the energy surging around me.  Someday maybe I'll learn to tap into it.

I know that might be offensive to some but I make no apologies because I lived it and know that of which I speak.  I've heard the words that are supposed to be freeing, but are in reality platitudes and meaningless babble. Blind faith or believing something in spite of your reasoning telling you it's wrong is harmful.  It's not a thing to be valued at all.

I find comfort in the knowledge that things change, even though sometimes it's sad.  I cry every time I read Lord of the Rings when the elves leave Middle Earth, but I know they had to leave.  Change must take place for life to grow and flourish.

And speaking of change, I rearranged my room to bring my altar out of the corner so I can use it more easily.  Plus now I can actually walk around my room instead of walking sideways into it.  I slept okay but not great.  I'll adjust soon, I'm sure.  I also now have a place over my altar for my triple goddess picture that Tana gave me.  I love it and love to look at it while lighting my candles and meditating.

Tomorrow I hope to spend more time outdoors working in the yard and on my garden.  I need to learn to let those changes in me happen incrementally instead of thinking I can jump into this and come out the next day as someone else.


  1. I have my triple goddess picture on my altar too. I recently told my pagan friend that pretty much everyone could be offended by my altar. LOL - there's an icthus, sprigs of lavender, a black candle, a red candle, various crystals, the bible, a book of common prayer, a book of mysticism, my pagan prayer beads that represent earth, wind, air, and fire, and my incense pyre. But I love that picture. I look at it and remind myself that I am never worshiping alone.

  2. Tom keeps looking at my altar but never says anything. I think he suspects but he lives in denial so probably won't say anything at all. I'm comfortable with keeping it that way. I added my birch bark sheet that swept its way into my yard.

    I'm a bit antsy now, wanting to change my altar a bit. It's been the same way for quite a while, even when I wasn't using it as an altar.

    I love what you've done with yours.