Saturday, May 22, 2010

Short weekend update

Just a short entry today as I don't normally post on weekends, but the situation from yesterday has been at least temporarily resolved and the sword no longer hangs over my husband's head.  At least for now.  Was the spell responsible for the resolution?  Who knows?  I'm not jumping on the train just yet but it sure did feel like it helped the situation.  I know at least it didn't hurt it and it made me feel a lot better.  I gave thanks to the Lady this morning with some brief candle time as Tom was gone for a short while.

Zach was impressed as well and both of us feel much more at peace with our decision to leave the church.  Tom seems to have taken it for granted that we're not going to church tomorrow so I see no need to go into any explanations as yet.

Today is going to be spent puttering around the house, cleaning, organizing and designing Pagan craft items to sell in my shop.  The tarot last night said most definitively to stop dreaming and start doing.

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