Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good bye but not farewell

I've decided to stop posting to both my blogs.  The nature of the blogs no longer represent me so I'm going to start up one that covers my life and my spirituality in a more journal-like way.  I hope to have more pictures and post more often.  I haven't decided on a name or even if I will stay with blogspot so I'll have to provide that information later.

I loved doing this but the last year...not so much.  Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me.  Hope to see you in the new blog but if not, have a really wonderful life.  Hugs!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Just rambling...and catching up

I do keep meaning to post here but I just can't ever think of anything to say.  Not that that stops me from saying stuff anyway.

I'm finding more and more heathen sites that are anti-racism, which is good.  Still not comfortable wearing my hammer out in public much though because public sentiment sees that hammer and thinks...white supremacy groups.  I wear my pentacle raven or my pentacle or my wolf pendant.  I don't care that no one knows what my beliefs are.  In fact, I prefer it.

A few weeks ago got bombarded with some Christian evangelical types at my front door wanting to discuss the state of the world.  I told them I didn't believe in their god and didn't really want to talk with them but they managed to get information out of me anyway.  I'm a wuss when it comes to keeping my mouth shut about personal things.  But I did refuse to get into details about my beliefs.  They kept asking as though they were interested but I know from personal experience, they're not.  They want specifics so they can go back to their group and "pray intelligently."  In other words...gossip about me. 

On another blog out there in the comments section, about the Hobby Lobby decision (which I hate, by the way) there was a woman defending Christians and their determination to force their beliefs on others by not letting them have the health care their doctors have decided is right for them because of erroneous information about abortion.  She was telling everyone that all Asatruar believed as she did, that the SCOTUS was correct...and I sit...not agreeing with her.  And I know many others who don't either.  Another reason it's difficult to admit publicly that I am a heathen. 

I know there are right leaning pagans out there.  I don't understand their reasons for being that way but they've got every right to be who they are.  As long as they don't claim to speak for all of us.  I know that heathens do tend to be among the right-leaning.  The two paths I had the most trouble deciding between were both right-leaning, but I'm definitely not.  I'm very much on the left.  Proudly so.

Ideologically I am more in step with the Celtic types but I really don't connect with those gods.  The gods I feel most connected with are the Norse.  But my idea of the Norse gods might not fit with other heathens either.  I'm a firm believer that the gods didn't stop having a life after the Eddas.  I think there are more stories out there that just haven't been told yet.  And I fervently believe that they grow and adapt, too. And they're perspectives change as well.  After all, as someone said online somewhere, all religions are UPG.

I'm also happy that more and more heathens are not ascribing to the philosophy that all of us are militaristic and testosterone driven.  The Viking era was a short period on the timeline after all.

I should stop rambling and get Tom's supper finished so I can crawl into bed and read some more.  Or watch tv and knit.  I haven't been knitting as much as I would like.  The fatigue gets to me and I can't even do that much. :(