Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon

Zach and I got some mowing done today in the fairy garden area.  It's hilly and difficult to mow so I usually break the yard up into two parts: the flat parts and the hilly parts.  I ended up finishing because I wasn't clear in my instructions to Zach and it was easier, so I thought, to do it than to explain it.  He knows now what areas to mow and can handle it by himself next time.

I don't have it all set up as much as I would like for the Full Moon tonight but it's enough for now.  And since it's still daylight I might have time to do a bit more.  I'm exploring Hecate and am finding myself drawn to her.  I'll wait until I'm sure she's beckoning me before I commit.  I am so hesitant to commit to anything these days, having been burned so many times before.  It's odd that I find committing to a deity as difficult as committing to a relationship with a person.

Hecate appeals to me in many ways but I am comforted by the fact she's not all-good.  I had enough of that in the past, with a deity who claimed to be Light and Good and Love and yet had some qualities that seemed malevolent and nasty if you didn't bow to his will all the time.  But still, I'll court her for a while and see what happens.

The cards last night had a sense of urgency to them about me getting busy with my crafts.  There was a "do what you love and it will turn into a job" message to them. Now I just have to figure out just what it is I love enough to make my life's work.  I also had a question about going back to church, wondering if I was doing the right thing not going back and the cards indicated I should be forming new friendships.  What really amazes me is I keep getting the same or similar cards every single time, with slight variations.

I've been more active in spite of the lack of sleep and feeling more focused.  Maybe it's all coming together finally.  I do tend to be more energetic around a full moon so I won't get too excited until I see how I am in a few days.

I plan on just spending some time outside tonight, lighting some candles and burning the barkskin I found in the yard as an offering to Hecate.  I'm trying to be intuitive and this feels like the right thing to do.  I plan on burying the ash in my vegetable garden once I get it turned and planted.

There is much to do tonight before the moon rises so I'd better get busy.  I don't expect Zach to come out as he's taking things even slower than I am.  I just hope the mosquitoes don't fall in love with me tonight.


  1. The cloud cover here was so heavy that I never got to see the moon. I was pretty bummed out. But I also got a good night's sleep, which I needed, and I never sleep well the night of a full moon (how many years did it take me to realize the correlation?).

    I did put my crystals and minerals outside for a cleansing. How was your night? Hope you write about it.

  2. Dang, I never thought about cleansing my crystals and minerals. I'll try to remember that next full moon. Glad you got some sleep. Once I got there to stay I was pretty well zonked all night but I had a couple of interruptions before I got there. I had energy to spare yesterday and none today. I think I want to explore the connection between the moon and energy. It should be interesting.