Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things are finally coming together

Altogether it was a really good day.  Maybe not by some standards but I got some things done and managed to listen to 4 podcasts while doing them.  After listening to them, I wish I could afford the courses they offer but that's just not feasible right now.  I learned a lot though and look forward to catching up on them.  Tonight I plan on doing some more reading and maybe starting my journal. 

Tomorrow for sure I'm picking up my pencils and paper again for drawing.  And my notebook and pen for writing.  I'm beginning to feel a definite direction.

I frogged the brown shawl I was making because I didn't really like the pattern and I didn't need two Earth shawls anyway.  I'm going to knit the Tree of Life afghan again and hope to actually finish it this time.  I also plan on knitting up some dishcloths in Pagan patterns.  Not so much to use but to decorate with.

I changed my altar's location.  I have room to stand in front of it and call the corners now.  I couldn't do that before.  It opens up the room a bit more because I had to shift my armoir a bit to fit it in.  Maybe a picture tomorrow.  Just of the altar though.  My room is so crowded that I don't want anyone seeing it.

I watched some more of The Mentalist last night and sure enough they had a show on Wicca and got it totally wrong.  I think they have to add drama and extremes to any show about religion because religion is so mundane and normal that it would probably bore people to tears.  I mean, where's the drama with a person who goes to church every Sunday and is a normal citizen?  Same with a Wiccan who is a normal person who lives a normal life and doesn't put a killing spell on the neighborhood bully.

Ah, well.

I'm off to curl up and knit for a while.  I often feel that I connect with my female ancestors when I knit or spin or when I garden or bake bread.  Okay maybe not baking bread since I use my bread machine to mix it up.  It's about saving money on one level and preserving the past on another.  Maybe I should start mixing up the bread by hand from now on.

Hoping to get some herbs and flowers planted tomorrow.

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