Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's only Wednesday

Zach and I watched Jesus Camp just a few minutes ago and it reminded me of this:

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

It was also very sobering because Zach kept saying things like, "We did that at youth group/church camp/convention."  The manipulation of those kids by the adults was almost criminal.  They used fear-mongering, guilting and peer pressure to break those kids down and mold them into puppets.  Those kids had no clue why people were rejecting their Chick tracts or their "gospel" message.

This week has been more than hectic and I've gotten nothing done in preparation for Lughnasadh.  It looks like the house won't be as clean as I'd like or the lawn manicured (like that was going to happen!) but I do hope to have the tiki torches up and the altar moved to its new location and the faux fire pit (old Weber grill minus the legs, resting on a circle of stones.)  And I hope to have some corn dollies and a corn goddess made before then, too.

A project I intend to start very soon is to make myself a crane bag.  Tom is going to take some vacation days next month and wanted to know if I wanted to go somewhere during that time.  I hate sleeping away from home so anything that's a day trip will work.  I'd love to go see the Indian mounds (less than 2 hours from here) and do some hiking at Ledge Park (about 10 minutes from here) and maybe Wisconsin Rapids.  He has some land near there he shares with his siblings but a brother in law has the land right next to it and he's there all the time so it's not like you can go there and have quiet time.  Plus I'm not keen on sharing any rituals or anything with them.

But the crane bag will come in handy for carrying things I find that might be useful in rituals or that need to come home with me for other reasons:  like crafts or things that have meaning for me.  I'd like to knit it.  Maybe a string bag with some lining so the stuff doesn't fall out or poke through.  I'll give it some thought and come up with something, hopefully before Tom's vacation.

I've been on the road the past couple of days with various medical appointments and I'm almost done. Tomorrow I go to get fitted with a new prosthesis (breast...mine is mostly duct tape at this stage) and then I plan on staying home for a while.  It wouldn't be so bad if I do these things nearby but I have to drive an hour to get anywhere for this kind of thing.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind doing without the prosthesis but I get stares and the bra rides up if there isn't a prosthesis there so I'll get another one.  One that fits this time, I hope.

I got another award (2 more than I've ever gotten for my mundane blog) from Ellie.  I'm so honored.  First of all I'm honored by all the wonderful readers who have been reading here and secondly that someone thinks what I write has substance means a lot.  Thanks Ellie!

I'm really tired, though, and will break the rules.  Okay I would have broken them even if I wasn't tired, but I can't limit my list so I will invite everyone to look at the sidebar and to tell you that I think all of those blogs have substance.  There are more who haven't made it to the sidebar yet but this group of women (and men) who write are incredibly talented and their brains make me jealous.

I must go put my feet up because my arthritic knee is swollen again although not painful right now.  You guys are terrific.


  1. I've made a point of not watching Jesus Camp because it would just piss me off too much.

    Congrats on the blog award! Much deserved.

  2. I still have so much resentment and bitterness. I go for periods when I'm a bit neutral about it all and them some wingnut goes off and says or does something and I can barely contain myself. The fact that my son went through so much of the same shit in Jesus Camp makes me see red.

    Thanks! I really do love the Pagan community. I've never won so many blog awards. LOL