Thursday, July 29, 2010

I want my week back

I'm reclaiming the rest of the week so I can start my preparations for Lughnasadh.  I'm woefully behind but will do the best I can.  Tomorrow will be set aside for cleaning and laundry and picking up my prescriptions and library stuff.  Saturday will be corn dollies and baking bread.  Sunday I plan on collapsing after I get the garden area ready.

I haven't had time to sit down and look at any rituals for Lughnasadh yet but whatever I do will be simple because it's just me and Zach but I'm pretty sure the next door neighbor will be having another party this weekend and with no fence it's hard to hide what you're doing.  I have some sheets set aside to hang up if he's out and about that will completely isolate us from him.  The other neighbor never goes out at night but even if he did, there is a hill separating us partly.  I'm not sure about the kid next door except he drives a really big truck and all his friends drive really big trucks and he keeps his American flag out on his front porch 24/7.  I'm getting a very tea party vibe from him so I'm going to be a bit low key.  Especially in light of having had my car lights turned on twice now.  I don't know that he or his friends have done it or the faeries are messing with me again but it's happened on two occasions he's had outdoor parties over there.  I can't imagine why he or his friends would do that as we have done absolutely nothing to him, and he doesn't know that our son is gay or that we're Pagan but I'm getting some really cautious vibes about the whole thing.

Could be just paranoia but I'm not about to go outside and do rituals while he and his friends are sitting outside throwing horseshoes, drinking beer and cooking out.  At least not without the sheets up.

I do plan on waiting until dark Sunday so that might help.

I'm still getting used to being open around Tom.  The other day his favorite "news" station coughFauxcough had a story on about some kind of satanic cult somewhere so I turned to Zach and started telling him about Mike Warnke and all the so-called satanic cult stories that happened during the 80s.  Tom was listening to me tell him about Pat Robertson and the 700 Club and how he salivated over all the details of a woman who had supposedly skinned her baby alive as a sacrifice to Satan because the high priest was going to kill her unless she did.  All those crap stories that were made up to get us Christians hyped to protect our children from all those evil elements.  Tom asked me if I had been accused of being a Satanist since becoming Pagan.  I told him, yes, that I had been told that I worshiped Satan but that I had expected it having been on the other side telling people they were worshiping Satan by default since anything they worshiped that wasn't God was Satan.  I'm so mortified by the shit I did as a Christian.

So, anyway...Zach sent me this gem.  The back story is that she had been on Trading Wives and had been in a home where they were either Pagans or New Age...Zach wasn't sure.  Look at this video and tell me who is worshiping an evil entity.  I can't embed it but here's the link.   Notice how her kids are so excited to see her when she gets home but she's too busy playing for the camera about the "dark-sided" house she was forced to live in that she not only ignores them, but then turns on them and attacks them, seemingly blaming them for her ordeal.

More and more I'm so glad I left Christianity.  However, I have a dear friend who is still a Christian and I don't know how she puts up with me attacking her religion like this but she must love me because she lets me get by with it.  I hope she knows that I don't consider her a part of those elements that anger me so much.  I love you, Tana!!

I'm hoping for an early night tonight because the doctor's office called me two mornings in a row at the ungodly hour of 8 a.m.  I ended up making a deal with the dr that I would improve my lifestyle in exchange for not going on more medicine for my cholesterol.  I'm at a seriously high risk for heart disease and yet I keep doing destructive things to my body.  I'm invoking the Goddess tonight for help in this.  I'm so frustrated.

I'm deciding between some designs for a crane bag but haven't narrowed it down yet.  When I do I'll get your opinion on which one to knit.  In the meantime, I'm knitting on my tunic/tabard thing that I plan to wear for outdoor rituals this winter.


  1. I think I would start locking my car doors, even at home in the driveway. Nothing worse than coming out of the house to find your car has a dead battery! Especially if you need to be somewhere asap!

  2. I started locking it after the second episode so we'll see what happens. I got complacent living in a small town with little crime going on.

    We'll see what happens now.

  3. I am having major health issues from treating my body like a garbage dump for 7 years. In the last 6 months I feel like I've been to so many doctors, I should be one by now. Oy.

  4. hi..i just found your blog and i think you would be interested in the giveaway i listed today. when you have time stop by and enter if you like!

  5. Inannasstar, I'm in pretty much the same position. It didn't help that I had to poison and irradiate my body in order to cure it. But my focus needs to be on getting my body healthy and not on losing weight. Unfortunately I panic anytime I think of diets because I have been on and failed so many of them. Then I tend to binge.


    I rarely ever saw a doctor except for my annual appointments. Now I feel like I just move in since I'm there so often.

  6. Jaz, thanks for stopping by here. I usually visit your blog every day so I'm thrilled by the invitation to enter the giveaway. I'll make a point of letting everyone else know, too. Thanks again!