Friday, July 23, 2010

Looking for motivation

Today was a much of nothing day but I did make a purchase that was probably more than I could afford but I'm hoping it will be an investment that will produce many benefits.  I bought a new mp3 player.  Tom's wouldn't download the podcasts that I like to listen to and any e-books I'd like to get from the library wouldn't fit on his either.  Plus this one has an FM radio on it for those times we will have to go sit in the stinky basement to wait out a tornado warning.

But the big reason is I need to get moving and lose this weight and walking is so boring for me around here.  I can't afford to just drive to some lovely location for daily walking and I've walked so much around this neighborhood I know it blindfolded.  So I figure if I'm not bored, I'll do more walking.  At least that's the plan.

I'm getting used to waking up early (Professor mostly) and this morning I went out into the back yard and tied up the tomatoes, but before I did that I had to wait for the rabbit to leave.  She was out in the back yard near the garden just sitting there, as she does.  I didn't scare her off; just watched until she hopped off.  While I waited I listened to the birdsong which is so much nicer in the morning without all the traffic noises.

Aside from a multitude of errands it was a pretty good day. Except for frogging the Yggdrasil afghan.  I don't know why but it didn't look like the pattern and I'm not sure I want to try again just now.  In fact, I'm going to frog the Sweeping Statement thing because it's just too wide.  I do like the changes I've made to it and all I have to do is make the borders narrower and it will work out well.  But if I don't want to look like a beached whale in it, I have to lose a lot of weight.  I'm about 100 pounds overweight.  That's a lot of energy that's going to carrying around almost two of me.  I could be devoting that energy to being creative and productive. 

Rain is in the forecast for the weekend so I probably won't do any outdoor rituals this weekend, but I'm hoping to spend more time out there at night, even if it's not a ritual.  It's so peaceful out there and I need to recharge my spirit more often than I have been.  I might spend time preparing my Lughnasadh altar indoors this weekend.  I need to do some reading up on it, to find out what element this holiday is.  I have an orange and red bandana I got from the store for my altar cloth for Midsummer because I read it was a fire holiday.  I've got a blue one for water and a black one with stars for air (it might be a reach but I think of the night sky when I see it) but I don't have anything in particular for earth. 

Off to frog my project and start over again.

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