Monday, July 19, 2010

The path that runs between

I thought about taking the book about Druidry with me to the doctor's office today but took a biography about Alf Wight (James Herriot) instead. I'm slowly digesting books on spirituality these days because in the past I would devour them and generally find them lacking. Of course, we're talking about books on Christianity and I think there is a reason I found them disappointing but I want to change my habits and savor rather than devour these days.

One thing I've discovered in pondering what I'm reading is that I don't really fit neatly into any one package. I never felt like Wicca was the path for me but there are aspects of it that I do love. In fact, many aspects of Wicca fit very nicely into my spiritual package. And while I do connect with Druidry on a very high level, I found things voids there that Wicca filled nicely. So, in reading up on it all, I found that there is a practice called DruidCraft that is a combination of both. The premise is that Druidry is a philosophy and Wicca is a religion. I'm not sure I agree with that but it is nice to know that the altar doesn't clash with the grove, that the magick I want to learn can be Wiccan and I can keep those aspects of both that I love.

I know there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to solitary practice; intuition speaks better and louder for me than a rule book or a guideline and compartmentalizing can end up being a cage. But I'm so hungry to learn that it helps that there are others out there who find themselves on the same path. It's okay to walk a path alone but it's nice to know that others have walked that path, too, and have commented on the sights and sounds you've seen and heard as well.

I think in time Zach and I might seek out a coven around here but for now, I'm really enjoying the solitary path. I'm thinking of buying Scott Cunningham's books because it takes so darned long to get them from the library. Either there are that many others here in my neck of the woods reading them, or the fundies are taking them out and keeping them out so no one else can read them. And yes, they do that. When I was part of the homeschooling group in San Diego, they would brag about doing it. That and hiding the books within the library.

I haven't checked on the pins I set out for the faeries last night but I can see that the carrots are still there. I wonder if the incense we burned the other night is keeping the critters away from the carrots. Or maybe they just have so much food right now they don't need a gift. I did caution Zach about not laying food out on a regular basis for the critters as they mustn't get used to having their food provided for them. But I think now and then it's a good thing. We do set out food for the birds and they scatter it so the rabbits and squirrels get some, too.

Tom should be home tonight but I'm not going to fix supper. Zach and I are experimenting on vegetarian eating. I'd like to eat veg for ethical reasons but I admit that I do love meat so I might on occasion eat it as long as it's from a humane source. Tom hunts deer and fishes so if he can provide food I might indulge. It's not that I don't believe people should be eating meat; the whole circle of life thing exists. It's just that it bothers me the ending of a life for any reason and the way it's done in factory farming is particularly cruel.

But I'm also a pretty big wuss when it comes to changing habits so I'm not guaranteeing anything. I've done okay today so far although I did have to stop and eat after my appointment because I was hungry. I chose a veg sandwich at Quiznos and a cup of broccoli/cheddar soup. I think next time I'll just eat the soup. The sandwich was good but a bit pricey.

I'm going to look into making candles because I hate the ones I get from StuffMart. They only burn in the middle and it's such a huge waste unless I get the tapers. Besides, I would love to learn how to make them. I also plan on learning a lot of herblore this winter and planting, drying and storing herbs for use in magick, healing and cooking. I'd also love to learn more about folklore as well.

But I'm not giving up my doctor or my prescriptions. I do love modern medicine.

Well it's getting dark in the house and I haven't done a thing to clean today. At least I should make my bed up and clean my bedroom. Since I haven't cooked much the kitchen isn't in bad shape and the living room will just get messed up when Tom gets home so I'll wait until tomorrow to clean that.

Tonight will be for knitting and watching Bride and Prejudice and catching up on some reading. And I hope a nice rainstorm.

ETA: apparently blogger is wreaking havoc with commenting again. So sorry.


  1. If your husband hunts and fishes, then use of the meat honours the animal's spirit. Wasting it would dishonour the animal's sacrifice. So eat up!

  2. Ah! That makes perfect sense on many levels. Thanks. It will also make my husband happy as he is quite proud when he brings home food he has provided by himself. In fact, he just brought home some fish from his weekend vacation.