Friday, July 16, 2010

As the mind wanders

I got some new headphones for the mp3 player because those ear buds hurt my ears and wouldn't stay in.  I got a pair that has ear buds but with a head band so it will stay in.  Zach got a pair, too, and loves them as they sound much better and feel great.  Now I can listen to the podcasts without having to manipulate the mp3 player, the ear buds and whatever else I'm doing at the same time.

Zach and I have been noticing how more and more of nature has been approaching us on a regular basis since leaving church.  Today while mowing, a maidenfly landed on the handle for the lawnmower as I was mowing, stayed with me for about 15 seconds (an eternity for insects) before flying away.   Yesterday a rabbit sat in the neighbors yard and just watched me as I brought Professor in, not moving, not looking away, but not looking frightened either.

Then there is the rat bastard chipmunk who knows how long Professor's leash is and sits just out of range and chirps at him.  Okay, that's probably not a connection with the Goddess, but you get my drift.

I'm looking into finding my power animal but there are just so many visitations and so many to choose from or be chosen by.  I got a book from the library (I can't remember the title and it's in the bedroom and I am suffering from aching knees and hips from mowing the yard today so I'll have to tell you tomorrow) about the female Druid and things any Druid needs to know.  She has sections of finding your animal totem, which really is going to help me.

I got a couple of books on seers, oghams, awen, etc.  I need to start taking notes because I'm not going to remember this stuff and I can't afford any books right now (I'm saving so we can afford to heat the house this winter) although I hate not having my own copies.  Someday...someday.

I'm feeling pretty good about myself these days even though I haven't been able to lose any weight or apply my new attitudes toward getting healthier yet.  But I don't feel like crap all the time anymore.  I'm not going to listen to negativity directed my way either.  Things at home have greatly improved in that area.  I'm guessing that Tom would prefer a Pagan wife to a fundie wife because I'm not the meek little puppet anymore.  The more submissive I got, the more he seemed to despise me.  Now that I'm getting stronger and more independent, he likes me more.  Interesting.

It's still hot so I'm going to crawl into my pajamas and sit in front of the window fan and read, study and knit.  I'll watch some dvds later but I'm in a mood to learn something new and exciting.


  1. Sounds like several animals are vying to be your power animal! They're all saying "Look at me! Look at me!" LOL!

  2. It is beginning to feel that way. :-)

  3. I'd be interested in the title of that book you mentioned about the female Druid...sounds like something I'd like to read as well :) I've also been looking into the power animal issue and I picked up a book called "Animal Speak". It's all about connecting with you animal guides.

  4. That book sounds great. I'll look for it.

    The book I'm reading is The Modern Day Druidess by Cassandra Eason. So far I'm loving it and I'll talk about it in my Sunday blog. Thanks for commenting. I love to hear from you.