Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big G, little g

It's very odd, but I really hate capitalizing the G in God because, to me, it means the Christian God.  In fact, I like the lower case letters for gods and goddesses because they differentiate between Christian and Pagan so well.  But alas, some people are offended by it because it's not being respectful and not giving credibility to their beliefs.  So I capitalize.  But I have a hard time with it because of the associations.  I'm still not over my pain and revulsion yet.

Mrs. Rabbit was in the back yard again just a few minutes ago.  Same place, actually, eating clover I believe.  The yard is covered with clover so I don't know why she sits outside the kitchen window except maybe to see me and touch bases.  I had the weirdest experience while watching her.  It was like I was simultaneously watching from the window and sitting next to her at the same time.  I could almost feel the softness of her fur as I petted her.  And I swear there was something in her eye that made me think she could feel it, too.  It passed in a moment but it felt very real.

I need to work in my faery garden out back, cleaning it up.  The weeds are taking over some areas and I really thought I should move the altar to another location although I can't tell you exactly why I think that.  I'm not sure if I will be doing anything for the full moon because it will take all the energy I've got to prepare for Lughnasadh, this being the first one we're doing with a bang.  More and more I'm connecting with Druidry and finding my way.  I'm still not sure what to do but I'm trying to learn to be more intuitive.  Books are helpful but since they belong to the library I have to send them back now and then.  I'm trying to develop a notebook full of things that I feel will work for me, but I'm still sorting it all out.

For now, though, I'm off to crawl into bed and knit while catching up with True Blood.  All those guilty pleasures you know.

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