Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clearing the clutter and crud

Sigh. I can't seem to stay on course and so I've determined that the vegetarian path isn't for me. I will honor the spirit of the animals I eat as Debra suggests because I'm just not going to stop eating meat, I guess.  I should know that any time I set upon a diet, it puts stress on me and I'll crave that which I can't have.  And gain weight.  I did fine for a year by not thinking about food but my doctor and then my mother started nagging me about it and I gained 10 pounds like that.

We worked in the basement again today and I can't help but think that once I get rid of all the junk down there and clean it up, our health will improve a bit.  It's moldy and nasty down there from all the flooding and the stuff that gets in the puddles and dissolves into germ warfare.  I couldn't wash my hands enough when I got upstairs today.  Zach took out 4 big bags of junk and a huge box of cardboard.  I managed to clear the pantry a bit but didn't clean it.  During the week I'll go down there and wash down the pantry, but I had had enough today.

Order and cleanliness really do affect me spiritually.

Not much else to talk about tonight.  I'm hot and sweaty and need to shower and crawl into bed and read some more.  I ended up burning the podcasts to cds because I just wasn't bff with Tom's mp3 player.  It hated me and I hated it.  I'm back to using my portable cd player.  It's huge compared to the mp3 player but at least now I have a hard copy.  I'll burn all of them so I have them on hand.  I can stick them in my dvd player as well and listen to them while I knit in my bedroom.  Or spin.  I need to get back to that as well.

I have no plans for Lughnasadh yet.  I'll probably bake some bread and I would love to make some corn dollies and maybe just a small bonfire in the iron dutch oven (which I have commandeered as my cauldron...it's huge though) and just sit outdoors and watch the garden.  Maybe find a story to read to Zach (and Tom maybe?) aloud.  I miss doing that now that he's grown up.

Off to make myself human again and an early night.


  1. I have cut down on meat. I only eat it once or twice a week in the Spring, Summer and Fall. In the Winter though, I crave more protein - so I'm looking into lentils and soy this Winter.

    It's hard though. I grew up with hunters for parents, so all we ate was meat and potatoes and an occasional vegetable. But the great part was my parents really drilled it into us that you need to respect and thank the animals for their life and never take any of it for granted.

  2. From Tana:

    Good Morning! Blogger did it again - here's my comment:

    I got really sick (like REALLY. SICK.) about 6 years ago and I ended up going to a Naturopath because conventional medicine was no longer working. Anyway, I asked her if I should become vegetarian and she said no way. She said that while yes, I should cut way down on red meat and eat fish and chicken mostly, that my body type according to Ayurvedic medicine absolutely needs meat protein.

    The more along my spiritual path I go, the more I want to be veg. So I too have to learn to try to find ways to buy humanely-killed and processed meat foods (which is expensive and cuts down on my meat consumption naturally) and remember to thank and bless the animal that gave its life for my meal. (That's my deal anyway.) So I understand where you're coming from on that front.

    I also can relate regarding physical cleanliness and spirituality. My den has been in disarray for years and it's kind of always in the back of my head nagging at me which makes contemplation and meditation time more difficult - you know all those things that suddenly scream at you when you finally settle down to ritual? Yeah...

    I hear ya sister.

    :) Hope you have a less basement-y day!

  3. Rue, that makes a lot of sense and one I can incorporate into my lifestyle. I just don't think I can go vegetarian as long as there are meat-eaters in the home anyway. But I can cut back and use legumes and such to provide the protein I need. Sounds like you had wonderful parents.

  4. Tana, I think especially with my diabetes I need to make sure I'm getting protein so maybe I do need to eat meat but maybe not so much meat. I can't afford organic and humanely raised meat and Tom doesn't hunt or fish enough to provide us with food on a regular basis so I'll just have to muddle through the best I can.

    And I really need to de-clutter faster. I'm drowning in it.