Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning the cards

I should have paid more attention to the cards but I'm still trying to get up to speed learning to read them.  Actually learning from them obviously is something I need to put a priority on.  I had difficulty reading them Tuesday night as they seemed to contradict themselves.  As I've said before, on a daily basis I use a three card spread:  past, present, future.  It's more a way to connect with the Goddess so I leave the Celtic Cross for a monthly reading.

These were the cards:  The Fool (past), Wheel of Fortune (present), Nine of Swords (future.)

The Food was easy to read especially in light of having come out to Tom and being able to start practicing openly at home.

Wheel of Fortune was a bit trickier but again I related it to being able to practice openly in light of the four elements being pictured on the card.  It also seemed to be a harbinger of good luck.


Then we get to the Nine of Swords, which looked so much like the woe is me card.  I looked it up and saw so many myriad possibilities but I finally decided that it was about receiving bad news.

Because the cards seemed so confusing to me I drew another card for clarification.  The card was The Star, which seemed such a positive card and again related to my path.  I had difficulty relating the Nine of Swords to the other positive cards.

Until I woke up yesterday.  When I went online I discovered that I had forgotten to take back some dvds that were due on Tuesday so I had a late charge.  One of the possibilities of the Nine of Swords had to do with making a financial mistake that I would learn from but the money would be gone forever.  So, yeah...that solved that problem.

Until late last night when my dental crown fell out.

I'm still so new at this that I'm not always sure what I'm doing.  I read books but they are confusing as well.  I try to be intuitive but I draw a blank.  I used to have more intuition before I suppressed it because I had been told it was all evil.  It's like a very weak muscle that needs to be exercised except in my case I think I need occupational therapy for it.

Ellie asked yesterday about the lessons I found on Druidism.  I use several sources but the 13 moon lessons I'm working on now come from The Druid Network.  The lessons themselves are difficult to find from the menu so the site for that is here.  They're not indepth Druid courses or anything but they are a starting point for me.    I also use OBOD for the articles and podcasts.  I thought about the courses they have there but they are really pricey and I've spent so much money on Christian courses that I'm disinclined to spend any more money on something of that nature right now.  I still have The Torah Club gathering dust upstairs.  I should probably offer it on Freecycle because I hate to just throw it away.

But it also occurred to me that since all nature is my Scripture it would be a really good idea to keep a nature journal consisting of the things I'm learning on my journey as well as the encounters I have with the Gods and Goddesses in nature.

The heat and humidity are getting to me and I'm staying indoors as much as possible.  Tomorrow should be cooler so I hope to go outside and get some things done.  It's probably too late to plant a lot of what I still need to plant but since the herbs can come indoors before winter, I'll get them in the pots tomorrow.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

I'm going to do as little as possible today in the heat so today will be a day of reading and naps.  And maybe some knitting.  And baking when it cools off.  And starting a load of clothes to get out on the line tomorrow morning. 

And definitely some time looking up rituals and prayers and such.  I think I'm ready to institute ritual into my practice now.


  1. You're right, I'd never have found that lesson on the site. Thanks for sharing the link.

    I understand where you're coming from about the whole intuition thing. I used to be pretty intuitive when I was younger. My mom always told me go with your gut. Tho I was raised Roman Catholic, we weren't exactly practicing. When I got involved with Christianity...I had to suppress anything of that yearning for the Pagan path, my intuition, my desire to learn the tarot or even have someone read the cards for me...etc, etc...I'm sure you know the drill.

    So like you, I've been trying to tap into my intuition again and boy am I rusty. I want to learn to read the tarot too, in fact, I recently had my cards read (about 2 months ago) and the lady told me I should learn to read tarot...I was stunned to say the least.

    Any I just wanted to say I can relate to alot of your struggles as you find your path. We'll get there, in time. Hugs and Bright Blessings.

  2. It's good to know I'm not alone in the struggle so thanks so much for commenting. I have a lot of baggage to still get rid of from fundamentalist Christianity. I do find that my intuition is coming back albeit slowly. I'm finding those "coincidental" moments happening more and more often and am trying to be more aware of my surroundings. I'm able to pick up on the energy around me a bit and while I haven't been really practicing any magick or doing any rituals to speak of, I'm feeling finally ready for it.

    I really recommend working with Tarot even if you only do it for yourself. It's a great way to get in touch with yourself and hone your skills. Plus in some ways I liken it to prayer except it's more pro-active.

    But I am such a beginner still at all of this.

    Hugs and Bright Blessings back at ya. :-)