Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I had to peel myself off the ceiling

Storms are exhilarating.  Being caught out in a flash flood and tornado warning, not so much.  But we are dry and snug in the house now so it's all good.

I had another moth attach itself to me today.  We were driving to town to mail a package of Zach's and a moth had been caught in the car when I rolled the windows up early this morning.  Zach said it attached itself to my hair and seemed to enjoy the ride, but I rolled the windows down and he flew out.

Normally I'm not squeamish when it comes to any critters.  Not even maggots as a recent blog post on my mundane blog demonstrates.  Do I wash my hands well after encounters?  Hell, yes!  But I don't get all weak and panicky.  Until this morning when I found a house centipede in the kitchen sink.  Contrary to my intentions to catch and release all but house flies and mosquitoes, I killed him dead while dancing around and using a long handled tool.  I couldn't stop shuddering.  I found out, however, that they are really helpful in eating other bugs and won't hurt humans.  I feel bad now, but I'm still shuddering over the encounter.  Mice, moles, snakes, problem.  I'm the go-to person when Zach encounters a spider (he has diagnosed OCD,) but that house centipede pushed me beyond my tolerances.

I'm afraid to find out what this encounter was supposed to mean aside from finding out that I do have weaknesses.  Who knew?

It's time to start working on my Lughnasadh altar.  I don't make a lot of changes but I do want to decorate for the first harvest.  I'll buy some corn on the cob this week and let the husks dry out so I can make a corn dolly.  I've made rag dolls before and might make one of them as well.  I also want to make a Brigid's cross from the tall grasses in my prairie garden for my altar.  I'm still somewhat ambivalent about crosses but since they pre-date Christianity I'm trying to use them in that sense.  Especially since Brigid's cross looks nothing like a crucifix.

I'm a bit excited that the full moon and Lughnasadh coming up will be the first celebrations we've been able to do without hiding.  I'm not sure what exactly we're going to do but it will be low-key and as natural feeling as I can make it.  I like growing into ritual instead of plowing into them.  Not that it's not good for some to do that, but for me, who tends to burn hot and fast, it's better to let the flame burn slow and strong.

Well, off to bed to nurse my arthritic knees and knit on my Sweeping Statement.  I might start Yggdrasil as well in purple.


  1. I read once that the pagan Goddess Brigid's symbol was called Brigid's Star. When the Goddess was Christianized into Saint Brigid, her Star became known as Brigid's Cross. But it was still the same symbol all along. Those Irish are a practical people.

  2. I love this! Stars I can definitely do; crosses give me a weird feeling even if I try to return them to their pagan origins. And truthfully, it looks nothing like a cross but I can see the star in it.

    Thanks so much! You guys are great teachers and mentors!