Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toad sleepover

We had a sleepover today.  Miss Piggy stayed on the street numbers all day snoozing.  Didn't even budge when the mailman postal worker brought our mail.  Initially I thought she was dead so I got right in her face and saw her throat pulsating. Then she opened her eyes a slit and glared at me only to close them and go back to sleep.  I can't help wonder how she and Kermit can be so trusting of us.  They don't shy away, don't seem to mind the flash on the camera too much although they're not fond of it and will just stay there all day.  Fortunately it was a cloudy and cool day.  Otherwise she would have been in the sun for a few hours in the evening.

I get my routine back tomorrow and I'm so happy.  I'm planning on setting aside at least 2 hours a day for study, writing and art...as if it were my job.  I'll allow no interruptions, including phone calls, and will devote myself to improving my skills and my mind.  Not to mention helping my spirituality to blossom.

Then I'll set aside time for outdoor work in addition to indoor stuff.  I desperately need a schedule or I'm not going to get things done.  Nothing carved in stone, mind, but like the Pirate's Code...just sort of a guideline.  And definitely less time online.

I intend to start studying all those lovely books Tana gave me, especially the Crystal Bible and Scott Cunningham's book on herbs.  I plan on setting up an indoor herb garden this week since it's too late to start an outdoor one right now.  I plan on looking up echinacea since I have some to plant and see if I can plant those in the fall for next summer.  I'm going to turn my southern hillside into a flower/herb garden with a path for Tom and the Professor to race up at night so they don't trample my plants.

I'd also like to start cooking more from scratch as much for health as for the environment.  We got rid of a lot this weekend but there is so much more to get rid of and the thought of filling the landfill with even more stuff bothers me so the less packaging, the better.  Plus it will help us all to eat simpler, more healthful foods.  The whole mind/body/spirit connection really is important, I think.

I've been gradually adding things to my...well, Book of Spiritual Stuff...or BOSS.  I'm not comfortable with the term Book of Shadows because it doesn't really express what it's for and since I don't need fancy titles for things, BOSS is good for me.  I also have been adding prayers to another notebook I have but I don't want to call it a prayer book as that has too many Christian connotations for me.  I'll figure out what to call it some other time. 

The past weekend I've done nothing with my altar or ritualistically.  I'm not comfortable doing those with Tom around.  Maybe some day but not just yet.  I haven't got that level of trust going on there at this time.

Well, time to go watch some more LOTR documentaries and knit on the Tree of Life afghan.  I finished the body of my crane bag and am knitting the drawstring.  I'll do the shoulder strap tomorrow.  I made it pretty deep so I can carry long things in it, like a wand or something along those lines.  Zach is going to help me find a staff this week so I can consecrate it before Autumn Equinox.  I also want to make a corn Goddess for my altar and find some natural elements to use on it as well.

Oddly, I'm still sleeping well.  I haven't had a run like this since I was on anti-depressants over 8 years ago.  Makes me wonder what's going on but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.


  1. Schedules are a great idea. Clearly, the toads are on one. They trust you and your house numbers too.

  2. Implementing schedules is my weak point. I've been a fly by night person for so many years.

    No toads tonight. I'm a bit sad about that. I've grown attached to them.