Saturday, August 21, 2010

After the storm

Not so muggy today but apparently the mosquitoes view yesterday's storm as an opportunity to party.  I didn't go to the mounds this morning because I ate too much sugar today in the form of cheese cake (aka my drug of choice) and ended up crashing in bed for an hour.  But Tom said the mosquitoes were really bad (close proximity to the marsh, too) so I will attend the mounds on another day...maybe closer to Autumn.  One of the reasons I really dislike summer is that we can't enjoy the outdoors because of the herds of mosquitoes.  Or is that swarms?  I could use DEET but Zach can't as it is almost a come on to the critters when he wears it.

Also another reason we haven't been doing any outdoor rituals.  I have some tiki torches and need to get them up and running and a pot with a candle of mosquito repellent in it.  Haven't risked it yet though.  Full moon is coming soon and I'd like to paint my table and get my outdoor altar area set up, especially for the upcoming Alban Elfed and Samhain (anyone see Supernatural a couple of years ago when they had a demon called Sam Hane, although it was supposed to be Samhain.  Makes me wonder if they do any research at all on that show.  Although it's one of my guilty pleasures because I'm a huge Jim Beaver fan.)

I digress.   *ahem*

There is a definite need to order my life better.  Not only am I not getting things done I want to do, I'm a bad influence on Zach.  Even though he's an adult now, it's not too late to give him a role model, which I wish I could do better at.  But mostly for my own peace of mind.  Chaos isn't working for me at all. 

I'm pretty achy today from the fibromyalgia.  I'm assuming the storm affected me although I don't know why storms, changes in weather, air pressure, etc, affects the joints and muscles like that.  But it does.  So I'm taking pain pills early today.  I do tend to ration my pain pills.

Supper is ready so I'm off to take care of that and then early to bed again  I hope Kermit and friends return.  I've gotten used to them and am even a little fond of them.

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