Thursday, August 12, 2010

More frogs and heat

Very hot again today and I got next to nothing done.  I intended to pick up my pencils and draw some, which I did.  Just enough to realize that I've lost a lot of ground in art.  It doesn't come easily to me so I get frustrated and quit...often.  I'm counting on my desire to improve my crafts (although I don't aspire to be as skilled as Lugh in all he could do) and become skilled in those arts and crafts that I do so love.  I must remind myself that it takes time and practice. 

I'm sure everyone has heard of Isaac Bonewits' death by now.  I'm so late to the game that I know little about him but it is sad for his family and for the Pagan community.  He is with the ancestors now taking his place among them. 

Had another visitor last night.  A different frog this time and he was much higher...just under the porch light, resting on the address numbers.  Higher than me, so it was over 5'3" for sure.  We leave the porch light on for Tom and for Professor's outings so we attract a lot of bugs.  I'm sure it was a smorgasboard for him.  Or her.  Still, frogs showing up like this must mean something.  One site said that frogs indicate a metamorphosis and a new direction in life.  I'll keep that in mind and continue to research it.

I've been pondering the things said in the comments from yesterday and Ellie and Debra about the four phases of the Goddess and you both make a lot of sense.  In particular it seems that the number 3 has a lot of mystical meanings in Druidry, and I believe Wicca as well.  It would be better to change the way we look at the Crone years rather than try to insert something artificial into what has worked for years.  I hadn't realized until I looked into it how much the number 3 matters in Druidry.  I might make that another blog entry though because I'm just done in by the heat and need to get to a fan with all haste.

I'm learning so much from my mentors.  Thanks so much to all the readers who comment here.

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