Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm melting.....what a world, what a world, what a world

I had a pretty bad day yesterday but I talked about it on my mundane blog so I won't repeat myself here.  Yeah, shameless promotion.  I'm doing a bit better today aside from sweating bullets because I'm too cheap to turn on a fan just for the time it will take to write this.  The sun is going down so the breeze might pick up soon.  Probably right after I finish here.

I decorated my bedroom altar for Lughnasadh and never did do anything with it.  I was so tired from the cleaning and the heat and the depression that all I did was fix a really nice meal and offered up thanks for the harvest and for the spirit of the cow.  Oddly I don't feel the least bit bad about it.  I can remember many a holiday making frantic preparations and then not really enjoying myself because I was so busy serving or hosting.  I won't do that anymore.  I did what I could and really enjoyed the meal and enjoyed my colorful candles on my altar even if I didn't light them.  In fact, I'm still enjoying them.  It's just not about the roolz.  It's about the intentions.

I'm also in the process of setting up a living room altar, although this one will be much smaller and less defined.  Mostly for lack of room because Tom has no problems whatsoever with us having our altars all over the house.  He even likes my kitchen altar.  Someday I'll take pictures of my altars, such as they are.  They're not really fancy schmancy or anything but I love them.

I haven't done any studying the past couple of weeks though and I do want to get back to that.  Especially since my library books will be due back eventually.  I renewed some of them so I've only got 3 weeks to devour them.  I also am behind on the podcasts I listen to. Walking while listening to them would really be beneficial since I promised the doctor to lower my bad cholesterol.  Plus Professor is so fat he waddles and really needs to get some of that weight off.  We both do.

I'm just full of good intentions but no follow through.  Autumn is when I really start waking up though and winter (although not last winter) is usually my season.  Now that I don't have to drive Zach to college every day this coming winter will be much better.  Summer I just want to hibernate.  I'm not really good with the heat.

I have been creative the past few days though.  I'm knitting a crane bag although the design has changed from my original plan.  I was going to knit a Green Man design but I didn't like how big it was turning out so I just made up a design and am going with that. It's going to be green and black and not terribly big because I want to carry it with me when I go on walks and hiking.  Tom is taking vacation in a couple of weeks and we plan on going on some hikes to Ledge Park and maybe the Dells (although not the amusement park).  Both are day trips and Ledge Park is about 10 minutes from our house...almost walking distance.  I want to start walking the marsh, too, but I can't take Professor there.  They don't want dogs to frighten the wildlife and I don't blame them.  There used to be Trumpeter Swans there but I don't know if they are still around.

Well, I'm pretty soaked with sweat right now and need to get supper out of the toaster oven.  Then I'm going to sit in front of the window fan and knit on the tunic/tabard thing and my crane bag and the amulet bag I started.  And listen to the director/writers commentary for The Two Towers. It's my muse.

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