Friday, August 6, 2010

I admit I have a problem.

On the way back from Mayville today I saw 3 egrets by the side of the road.  We live near the marsh so driving there just skims the edge of the marsh.  There is a place that looks like the Dead Marshes to me and someday I'm going to take a photo of it and paint a picture of it.  I don't go to the marsh much at all.  In fact, haven't been there in years and it's a little more than half a mile from my house...walking distance.  If I were in better shape, that is.

I've been doing some reading and some knitting but not staying offline like I should have.  Problem was I was involved in some online discussions about Prop 8 and got caught up in it.  This blog has had a series on controlling your emotions and making priorities before you can entertain the idea of letting loose the energies of magick.  She quotes Emma Restall Orr who is someone I must read someday but the library doesn't have any of her books.  And as I have tons to read already, I'll get to her later.

She doesn't mean it in the sense that someone must have perfect control of their emotions but that they shouldn't be a loose wire, not attempting to control those wild thoughts and feelings.  It really speaks to me of my online time.  How can I focus on the energies involved in magick if I can't spend one afternoon off line?

So...I will attempt it again especially as I am feeling better and need to use that minute amount of energy for positive things, like gardening, weeding, cleaning, projects, etc.  Part of my problem is that my entire social life exists only online.  And I get the urge to be with like-minded people from time to time.  I just have to limit that time and not make it my whole day.  And night.

Off to get some work done and then an evening of knitting, reading and watching the commentary of The Return of the King.  I would feel so much better about myself if I actually accomplished things instead of sitting at the computer all day.  Let's face it.  I'm addicted. 

It's something I've got to deal with for sure.

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