Saturday, August 14, 2010

A big hand for the little lady + Kermit returns

I'm in a very good place today.  I got a package from Tana full of things designed to make my spiritual life grow and flourish.  I'll take pictures and an inventory tomorrow because it's dark now and I'm really tired from laundry and dishes and cooking.

She helped me put my feet on the path in the first place even though she remained Christian.  I am so honored to have such a friend.

I've been organizing my room so I have places for everything.  And you should see the necklace and earrings she designed and made for me.  Breathtakingly beautiful.

Not to mention the Chrysanthemum stone.  I got tingles when I first touched it.

I'm off to bed to knit and watch LOTR  Return of the King cast commentary.

Kermit isn't there yet.  I'm not sure if he'll show up again.  He was there three nights running.  We'll see.

eta:  Kermit is back and I got a picture (the flash scared him).  So I took a video instead.


  1. Maybe Kermit is off visiting Miss Piggy.

  2. LOL He must have cut his date short. He showed up just minutes after I wrote that so I added the video of him. Just seconds before the camera was ready he caught a huge moth and was munching on it. I'm getting attached to him.

  3. Ah sweet! You named him Kermit....I was going to suggest that, but got distracted and forgot...

    All this talk about Lord of the Rings has me itching to watch it again, now to wrestle my extended library from my young one.

  4. Wait until tonight when I show the two other frogs who showed up to keep him company last night!

    Ellie, every year I watch the entire extended addition, complete with all the commentaries and documentaries. I think in a way it's a ritual for me because it really inspires me to do more crafts, drawing, writing, etc.

    I used to read the trilogy every other year but I haven't read it in about 4 years so I'm overdue. I get inspiration from it as well, but watching the dvds is a quicker fix. LOL