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I'm the kind of person who enjoys the anticipation more than the actual event so I'm already looking forward to Alban Eluid for two reasons.  One, that means it will be Autumn and cooler, and two, it's the day after my birthday.  Two holidays instead of one.  I've always wanted to celebrate my birthday with a hobbit theme since Bilbo, Frodo and I share a birthday and this year I think I'm going to do it.  We all resemble hobbits anyway.  Especially that round belly thing.

Anyway, Alban Eluid, or the Autumnal Equinox is apparently a 3 day festival in Druidry.  I can get behind that.  It's also a water festival so I had better get cracking on my tunic/tabard thing so it's done by then.  It will be cool enough in the evenings that I'll need it by then and it's blue so that works out.  I love the whole creativity aspect of Paganism, how making things with your hands is so much a part of celebration.

Zach has said he wants to keep celebrating Christmas but without any Christian overtones to it.  Secular.  He wants to keep the Nativity set I made him when he was a baby but only for sentimental reason and we won't be putting it out this year.  To be honest I think Tom will be quite happy with a secular celebration.  He's so much happier that we're not attending church and not being obnoxious Christians.  He still claims to be one but I doubt that he believes much like they do in church since he never reads his Bible or goes to church.  He made a statement that made me wonder how much a Christian he really is because he said that he still likes the book of Proverbs.  Which made me wonder how he felt about the rest of the Bible if he singled out that book.

Anyway, I suspect he likes Jesus and that's about it.  I know he loves the documentaries on History Channel that dispute a lot of the authenticity of the Bible and the church's version of the history of Christianity.  And he's really intrigued with I Ching.  I will probably get him a book for Christmas.  This year will be less about gifts and more about Alban Arthuran  for me.  I'm really not that interested in Christmas at all, but will celebrate it with the boys.

Well, off to finish up my tasks for the day and settle in for The Two Towers commentary and knitting on Sweeping Statement and my crane bag.  Life is so good.

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