Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loving all of this

I spent the morning studying which really helped start my day better.  There is no method to my madness but I pick up whatever seems to speak to me.  Today I finished up the Druidess book and will start the Philip Carr-Gomm book tomorrow.  Plus I intend to start studying the herb book by Scott Cunningham...both gifts from Tana.  Today in the mail I got a copy of a homesteading magazine I subscribe to and there are three articles about herbs and fruit trees/bushes...all of which I have in the yard so there is much gardening to learn as well.  I plan on taking the hill beside my faery garden and turn it into an herb/flower garden with a path up the hill for Tom and Professor to go up as that is their favorite route at night.

I'm feeling pretty good about myself in spite of not being perfect today.  I quit working when I knew that my energy had run out but since I had started the day working and studying, I got a lot accomplished.  Well, by my standards anyway.  I think this will be the game plan from now on.  No going online until afternoon.  That way I can use the time of the day when I have the most energy to get things done.

I didn't sleep well last night.  Pain woke me up and I didn't get back to sleep until 5 a.m. and Professor expected me to get up at 7.  I let him out for a wee but went back to bed.  He was okay with that until 8 so I let him out again but all he wanted to do was lie on the porch and survey his kingdom.  So I made him come back in and he lasted until 10 when he gave me a face wash, which I knew meant there was no staying in bed after that.

I re-filled the bird feeder today and had fun watching the birds playing in the back yard and on the garage roof.  For some reason they like to skitter down to the gutter and then race back to the top, then skitter down to the gutter.  Then they fly to the back of the yard for a meal at the feeder.  I'm not sure what they are.  Maybe sparrows or starlings.  I'll have to look them up.  Who knew wild life could be so entertaining?

My altar is lacking something.  It's too pristine, too orderly.  Definitely not me.  I need some of Nature on it.  I have the sand dollar and shell from Tana but I need some earthy elements so tomorrow I plan on walking around my back yard exploring the hill and thicket to see if I can find something.  I would like to make a corn goddess and maybe a Brighid's "star."  It's normally called Brighid's cross but I really don't want Christian elements on my altar.  I have plenty of grasses on the back hill I can use for it.

Those will help ground my altar better.  Right now it feels too...ethereal or something.  Definitely too tidy.  I have wanted a representation of the Goddess for a while.  I have the triple Goddess picture from Tana hanging over it but I love statues and things I can hold and touch.  I definitely feel like I'm on the right track.

Due to finances during Tom's vacation we're not going anywhere, or at least not out of the county.  There are things we can do around here:  the county fair, Ledge Park (which is absolutely breathtaking in its natural beauty) some hiking trails around the marsh.  Plus he's going to harvest his tobacco.  I plan on keeping some back as a sacrifice for Samhain for the ancestors.  I don't know why I feel like I should do that, but I do.  I'm trying to be more instinctive.

I'm feeling a very strong connection to Lugh right now.  I've felt drawn to him since I've been drawn to Paganism, but more now than ever.  I'm sure the reason will present itself eventually but for now, I'm just walking the path beside him.

I'm off to work on knitting and watch Midsomer Murders.  I'm a huge fan of British tv.  I worked on my pencil sketching today and was pretty disappointed at how much ground I've lost and can't seem to just pick back up.  I know there are many things in my life I must keep at regularly in order to keep up my skills.  Maybe that's why Lugh is hanging around since he's the Master Craftsman at everything.

Kermit was back last night alone but hasn't shown up yet tonight.  It's cool enough that I closed my windows so it may be too cool for him.


  1. Staycations can be wonderful holidays! All too often, we ignore the interesting things to do right in our own neighbourhoods!

  2. I haven't had a vacation since we moved here 13 years ago. And it was about a year before that when we actually took one. Camping. Where I had to cook and clean somewhere else. LOL

    Tom gets away for deer hunting and the stray vacation to his brother's cabin up north but I don't begrudge him that because his job is pretty stressful, but my idea of a vacation would be one where I don't have to cook or clean but can just enjoy the sights or go hiking in the woods or something like that. Never going to happen though.