Monday, August 23, 2010

Never prepared

Full moon tonight.  I think.  The calendar says it's tomorrow night but my widget says it's 99% full and since last night it was up not too long after sunset, I'm thinking tonight is the full moon.  And I am totally unprepared.  I decided at the last minute to let Tom take the table to the landfill instead of painting it since it's huge and would be hard to mow around or move when we need to mow.  I's a dining room table after all.  I have a portable kitchen island I'm going to use instead because it's smaller, the right height, and...well...portable.  I can keep it under the back overhang and just wheel it out to the garden when I need it.  I do need to paint it though.  And as for having symbols and such on it, I'll make an altar cloth with the symbols on that so I can bring it in when not in use.

I had put my crystals and rune out last night, thinking it was the full moon and they do feel pretty good so I'm not setting them out again tonight.  I do hope to be prepared for next month though.  Especially for Autumn Equinox (the day after my birthday!) 

I had intended to start tearing the house apart tomorrow, cleaning and de-cluttering but Tom has one more day of vacation so I'm going to use it for study instead.  And drawing.  And maybe some laundry.  I'm competing with the tobacco for the clothesline though.  I was going to start using the dryer but it's taking forever to dry loads so I'm planning on using it to de-lint the clothes...just five minutes or so...then off to the clothesline.  And I need to wash a load of light colored clothes very soon.

I discovered a brass-like headboard (not real, of course) out in the garage (I put it there but forgot about it) and I'm going to use it as a lattice for my morning glories for my faerie garden.  First I have to clear all the Kathy-high weeds first.  Yes, some of them are that tall.  I also have two dining room chairs I'm going to paint with barn paint for holding my potted herbs...they can then use the back of the chair as a lattice and twine around the bars.  Those herbs or flowers that will do that kind of thing.  The rest will rest on the ground and I can move them into a circle when I need a grove.  I already have two trees there.

It's hard for me to accomplish things when Tom is home.  We have a tiny house and little personal privacy so anytime someone wants to be alone, it's just not going to happen.  Especially me, since my room is the curtained off former living room.  Even though Tom is okay with us being Pagan, I'm still not comfortable sharing too much with him as I've seen a smirk or two when I first tried to.  Plus, the rituals are very personal for me so I tend to do things when he's gone.

Cleaning almost never happens when he's home, too for the same reason.  Tiny house.  I keep up with the dishes and meals but no cleaning.  I managed to get some yard work done today but I do that before anyone wakes up.  I like that time of day when I'm the only one awake.   Now if I could just wake up before the neighborhood does so I've got the yard to myself.

I'm working on the Tree of Life afghan and the crane bag but I want to work on something else.  Now that I've decided to make an altar cloth for my outdoor table, I've got to find a pattern or design one based on other patterns out there. There is a designer I've been in contact with who is designing a blanket based on different Pagan symbols but she won't be done with it for a while and it will be a blanket and I need something smaller.  I pm'd her about the Awen and she's planning on including it but I need one soon so I'm going to try to graph one myself.  If I can find my knitting graph paper.    I want that in the center of my cloth.

Well, supper is done so I'm going to eat and then off to bed for tv and knitting. And maybe some reading, I hope.

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  1. I know what you mean about never feeling prepared. That's how I've felt when trying to honor the sabbats and the full moon. I can feel this full moon though. I'm on high alert.

    I hope to do something tomorrow night. I have a feeling I'll be very productive tomorrow. My parents leave at 5am. I'll likely get started as soon as Husband is off to work. I'm the same - when he's home I get nothing done and I feel very angsty - I need him to be gone to do my routine. And the alone time - yes.