Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Off to bed

A cardinal has taken up residence in my clemanthis, I think.  He seems to hang around the back window and fence a lot and was trying to lure us away from the car last night...which is right next to the clemanthis.  I love cardinals because I rarely see them so seeing one on a daily basis is a real treat.

I don't think it's just me noticing nature more.  Nature is noticing me more.  I'm having more encounters with wildlife than I have ever had before so it's like a sign in the road letting me know I'm on the right path.

But tonight isn't a particularly spiritual night for me.  The fatigue is particularly bad today so I'm off to bed to just let myself rest and hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better and more like myself.  Or even better than myself.  I can hope anyway.


  1. sounds like it's time for you to look into your power animals.

  2. Every being likes attention, including cardinals!

  3. Thanks, Inannasstar. I'm not sure what a power animal is but I'll definitely look into it.

    Debra, they are so bold! I've never been this close to one before but they'll sit right there until you're almost on top of them before they fly away. Most likely trying to keep me from finding the nest but it's still pretty neat.