Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Studying, birds and a link to a giveaway

I got some studying done today.  I may even have retained a bit of what I read.  Time will tell on that, though.  Still, it's progress for me.  I'm still refining the path I am walking, discovering what sign posts are for me and which ones are for someone else.  Druidry is still very much a part of it, but I am rediscovering my first love, the Greek/Roman pantheon.  Maybe not so much from the aspect of worship, although Hestia and Hecate appeal to me in many ways, because I still feel very much drawn to the Celtic world and pantheon.

My bird feeders will most likely be empty by nightfall.  And I just refilled them this morning with fingers numb from the cold.  We finally have a dusting of snow on the ground so I'm getting double the number of birds I normally get.  I set out one ear of field corn, which I had planned to do after the first real snow.  So far no takers but they will probably sneak over tonight.  I've seen a male cardinal hanging around off and on today.  He looks so lovely with his bright red plumage against the partly snowy hill behind the feeders.  A touch of color on an an otherwise drab day.  But I do love these drab days.

I'm not going anywhere today.  Just too cold and I'm too behind on other things. So today will be a crafting day, a decorating my Winter Solstice altar and some housekeeping stuff as well.  Not to mention bill paying.

Nellie, whose blog I read regularly, is having a giveaway of some really lovely wood-carved items.  She is so talented!  So if you get a chance, go to A Bit of Gardening Spirit and enter.

Off to get busy so my fingers will warm up a bit.  I haven't turned up the heat much since Zach is still in bed.  Poor guy has that flu Tom and I had so I'm letting him sleep in. 

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