Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting in the mood

I picked up a bell for my altar in the Christmas aisle.  It has a stag (or reindeer) for the handle which I thought was close enough to the Horned God.  Plus it was only a dollar.  I also bought a tiny tree instead of getting fake greenery.  Same price but having something living on my altar is better.

I'm doing much better at developing daily rituals and routines although it takes more than a few days for these things to become such a part of my daily regimen that I do them without having to remind myself.  Might take a year for that to happen.

I listened to Christmas carols on the way home from the store today because I was driving on a snow-covered road that had hidden the center line and it wasn't that easy to tell where the road dropped off either.  I just couldn't change channels while I was driving.  Fortunately none of them were actually Christian so I was okay with it.  I'm getting in the mood.  I have no idea why the past several Christmases were so dismal for me, but I'm getting excited about Yule so that's all that really matters for me.

Off to fix supper and then more knitting and crocheting of Christmas stuff.


  1. My Circle Solstice Singalong booklet is winging its way to you even as we speak! I hope you'll enjoy singing the "reclaimed" carols in it!

  2. I'm so excited! Zach and I plan on having a singfest some night while Tom is at work.