Sunday, December 12, 2010

I was out in Nature today, but I can't say it was a lot of fun

As the snow was taller than Professor this morning, when I let him out he immediately turned around and came back in, looking up at me as if to say, "No fucking way!"  Animals seem to say it best.

But Zach and I tackled the snow and made a pathway as well as performing our obligations according to the city ordinance and providing a safe walkway for any idiot pedestrians out there.

I mentioned to Tom today that I would prefer it if he used a tv tray instead of my altar without going into any detail and he said he would but he was tight-lipped when he said it, which means he probably won't in the long run.  It's the best I can do for now.  I did provide him with a tv tray this morning when we watched a special on Merlin.  It was a pretty crappy documentary making all kinds of assumptions.  Apparently all Pagans base their beliefs on Merlin as the paradigm of true Paganism, in particular, Druidry.  And C. S. Lewis and Tolkien based their books on him as well. 

It did have its moments though as far as the history of Merlin goes and it was nice to actually hear Welsh spoken.  Not a total bust but not great either.

I watched Religulous last night. It was good in many ways but I did feel a bit sorry for some of the people who didn't have answers for him.  Only because that was me at one time.  I thought I had answers and very smugly condescended toward those who didn't see the brilliance of my logic.  Truthfully it was embarrassing watching them.  I'll keep it and watch it a few more times before I delete it from my dvr.  I want to remember some of the points he made.

Supper is ready so I'm off to eat my first meal of the day.  I just plain forgot to eat.  Between shoveling snow (heavy, tall snow) and snoozing in between, I just forgot to make a meal.  I did have some toast this morning but that's not a meal.

Hoping we get no more snow for a while as I haven't dug out the car yet and it is in a tunnel of 3 foot drifts in addition to being under a foot of snow.  But we wore out, Zach and I, and will just have to tackle it tomorrow.

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