Monday, December 13, 2010

I won't be singing Winter Wonderland anytime soon

My encounters with Nature of late are not terribly pleasant.  I would love to enjoy the snow but shoveling it with mere shovels takes the pleasure out of it for me because I've got fibromyalgia and end up with my bff Tramadol and a hot water bottle instead of enjoying knitting or crocheting.

I trudged out through the 10 inches or so (so they ruler says 12 inches though) of snow in the back yard to refill the bird feeders.  They were frozen on the caribeaners I use to attach them to the clothesline so I had to whip the top off and stand on my tip toes to fill them.  I spilled some on the ground, but since the birds do that, too, it wasn't really waste.  Within and hour I had dozens of birds fighting for space.  They are nibbling at the suet but not a lot.  I've got a whole case of it so it looks like it might last me next year, too.

I went to put the sunflower heads out but they had gone bad and were wet and moldy.  I've never had them do that before so I don't know what happened.  What a waste.  I wrapped them like the book I read said to but maybe they weren't ready for harvesting and that's why they ended up pulp.  I still have some field corn though.  I'll try a different kind of sunflowers next spring though.  These were the black ones.  I got the seeds by mistake.

I got a song book from Debra in the mail today.  It's some restructured Christmas carols that I will most definitely enjoy singing.  While Tom isn't around.  Thanks, Debra!!!!

I'm off to befriend my hot water bottle and take a pill or two while my pizza is in the toaster oven baking.  No way could I cook today on top of shoveling and shopping.


  1. I'm glad the Winter Solstice Singalong booklet has arrived!

  2. Sounds like one of those days that calls for a re-do. Either that or climbing into bed with sweatpants, hot tea and a good book. (pills are always good too ; )

  3. Debra, I've been singing the songs while I putter around the house today. I love them!

    Dark Mother (glad you're back!), I'm all for that except I had to do laundry today. And I live in sweat pants at home. Too cold to wear outside but indoors it's my uniform. Hot tea and a good book tomorrow, for sure. And some knitting. I'm addicted and must get my daily fix in.