Friday, September 3, 2010

You can feel it in the air

Autumn is coming.  Our temps barely got above 60F today and it was wonderful!

I think Miss Piggy might be Mr. Piggy.  There was a new toad sharing his perch with him last night.  One who had the brightest black eyes and who seemed to be resting under his loving arm.  Or maybe Miss Piggy was getting ready to wrestle the new toad off the street numbers.  It's hard to tell because their facial expressions never seem to change.

Zach has found his path.  Because of having spent years telling him what to believe, I've been sitting back letting him find his own way.  He's explored different paths but the one he keeps coming back to is Druidry.  I swear I haven't tried to influence him at all.  So he's going to listen to the podcasts and read some of my books but I'm not interfering at all or trying to push any literature or websites on him.  It does make it easier though as we can celebrate together at times.  He's asked to help me celebrate Alban Elfed as well as Samhain.  We both love Samhain the best!  I do love Lughnasadh as well, though as Lugh was one of the first to call me to him.

I love the cool weather we're having today.  It reminds me summer is slipping away and there is much to do to prepare for the dark days.  Even though it's much too early to actually start doing things, it's time to start accumulating things for the winter.  I'm going to decorate the house for the celebrations, too.  I never did anything like that except for Christmas before last year.  I bought some gourds and festive corn but that was about it.  This year and each year I plan to keep adding things. And keep my eye out for things in nature instead of store-bought items because it's not only it's also easier on the bank account.  I would love to have figurines and things of that nature but the house is much too small.  I have no flat spaces at all that aren't completely covered with stuff.

I put a blanket on the bed last night and will definitely leave it there tonight.  I'm not sure what the forecast is for the rest of the weekend though.  We are planning on a day trip up north to Tom's brother's cabin this weekend.  The way up there is through a Reservation, which is absolutely breathtaking in it's beauty.  I want to walk through the woods once we get there and see if I can find a staff.  I haven't really looked around here because I haven't felt like my staff would be located here.  Zach wants to take his staff up with him.  He's going to call it a walking stick because Tom's brother and wife wouldn't understand our change of direction.  I'm okay with keeping things underground.  I really don't want to have to discuss it with anyone anyway.

I had a long talk with Tana today and she has reassured me that I am free to be myself and say what I need to say.  How odd that I never had that freedom as a Christian.  And yet it is a Christian who is reminding me how free I really am now.  I am learning so many lessons these days.

Supper is almost ready so I'm going to get things ready and then crawl under my toasty warm covers in my long pajamas and crochet on my altar cloth.  I'll probably get some knitting done, too, but since Alban Elfed is coming up shortly, I need to put a priority on it.


  1. Druidry is a wonderful path. Congrats to Zach.

    I'm glad Miss/Mr Piggy has a new friend, of whatever sex. Toads need love too!

  2. Yes, congrats to Zach. I've been listening to those podcasts as well and loving them. I listen while I knit. Something feels very right about listening/learning to them while knitting as Autumn appears. I love it.