Friday, September 24, 2010

A blustery day

We ended up having our ritual on Autumn Eve after all and it was lovely.  I was winging it a lot since I don't know a lot of rituals but we managed and we took the opportunity to consecrate some tools as well.  It was amazing to feel the heat from the energy after each tool was consecrated.  I also put my crystals and talismans in glass containers to absorb the energy from the Sun.

I made a corn dolly that I thought would be a Corn Goddess but she was quite adamant that no Goddess was she and she stamped her foot and let me know in no uncertain terms not to do that again.  So the corn dolly is on my altar enjoying her dolly-ness and watching tv with me at night.  I keep meaning to take pictures of my altar.  I'll try to get it done this weekend. 

I've been lighting candles daily now, hoping to incorporate ritual into my daily routine, especially since I have two people I am lighting candles for daily in hopes the energy and warm thoughts will reach them and help them in their time of need.  I'm simply ready now.  There's no other way to put it.

I woke up pretty early this morning and took Professor for a walk.  He's been limping a bit and since he's overweight and has tiny chihuahua legs, it's necessary to get some of that weight off of him so his joints don't suffer so much.  It was nice, listening to Pagan music from OBOD's podcast and feeling the very strong wind and misty rain on my face.  I had intended to take a solitary walk as well, but I ran out of time and energy.  I hope to take another walk with Professor tonight so he can strengthen those legs.

I'm finding myself thinking more and more about Nature and my responsibility toward her, recycling better, trying to use my resources better and not make so many trips.  I even had a visit from Miss Piggy this week, the day before my birthday.  I thought she had just come for one last buffet at the porch light and to bid me farewell for the winter.  We talked briefly and then I left her to her feast.

Well, I can see Professor has tangled up his leash so I'm off to finish up my tasks and fix supper.

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