Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pre-birthday excitement

My birthday is coming up on Wednesday and in spite of me telling the boys not to get me anything, they did.  What was most bizarre about the whole thing is, I have been looking for a skeleton key to make a necklace out of.  Now, I never mentioned that to anyone, just looked for one.  Tom bought me a lovely gold necklace with, you guessed it, a skeleton key on it.  I got chills when I saw that.  Another one of those Goddess moments for me.

Spending less time online is definitely working well for me.  I'm getting much more done with reading and working on my crafts.  I haven't actually picked up my pencils yet but I did manage to get something to use as a lap desk because the only place I seem to be able to draw is on my bed.  I have some deep cleaning to get to Monday as we're moving Zach's huge waterfall dresser upstairs because it takes up so much of his tiny room and I need to get busy with cleaning the living room and my bedroom.  It gets cluttered on the weekends because they are the rooms everyone congregates in.

I managed to work on my Book of Shadows quite a bit this week and want to get busy learning more about crystals and herbs, too.  I'm about ready to plant some herbs. 

I finished up my altar cloth.  I need to take a picture of it, but I'm also anxious to dress my altar for the autumn holidays.  Tom also got me a huge gold/amber-looking candle which will look great on my altar and fill a need I had for a gold candle.  Odd how he got me things I needed for my spiritual life. He's never done that before, not even when I was a Christian.

He fixed supper tonight so I'm off to eat and then more knitting on my sweater and poncho.  I plan on using the poncho more as a garment for use in rituals as it's not terribly practical for wearing around the house.  I also picked out a pattern for a shawl to use in rituals, too.  It's crocheted and has celtic designs in it.  It won't take long so I hope to have it done by Samhain to wear then.  I'm crocheting it in brown.  I just love earth colors and this brown is lovely.

Off to have a lovely evening and hope everyone else does, too.


  1. Kathy! Your birthday! I hope it's a good one. So cool about your necklace and skeleton key. And the candle. Very cool.

    I too have been spending less time online the last couple of days and I have to say - "Ah!" I love it. I'm looking forward to this week because I plan on really going "inside." I need to recover before Husband gets back home Friday.

    Hope you have a great day Wednesday. Love and hugs.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Week! I'd love to see a picture of the necklace.