Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting my priorities right

This morning I didn't turn the computer on first thing.  Instead I sat in my room reading and studying spiritual things, copying things into my Book of Shadows and some general cleaning.  Instead of putting off errands for after Tom left for work, we left before he did and had the bulk of the afternoon waiting for us when those chores were done.  I still had energy left to do some work outside and hang out another load of clothes.  I still need to cut out a huge chunk of things I'm reading online to limit my time even further, but all in all I felt much better about how my day went.

With Alban Elfed (Autumn Equinox) coming up and me feeling inadequately prepared, as usual, I'm not in as big a panic as I usually am.  I may not get all my preparations done in time, but I don't view that as a failure anymore.  It's not about having all my blocks checked.  It's about celebrating without stress and honoring the seasons, the God/desses and making my efforts count.  I am much more relaxed about it all these days.

I plan on spending most of my time tonight working on the doily/altar cloth because it is my goal to have my altar changed out for the seasons.  While I can't say I am crocheting intentions into the doily, I do think about my altar and what I want it to mean while I crochet. Sometimes I think about Creativity itself and in some small ways invoke awen while I'm working.  I also watch tv so it's not like I'm being terribly holy while working on it.  I do have a somewhat short attention span, after all.

I'm watching my garden wither, the leaves change colors and the Canada geese fly south, with their cacophonous honking alerting us to their departure. It makes me more aware now than I ever was before of how we're heading into the dark, gray time of the year. I'm not looking forward to paying heating bills or drying my clothes on racks in the living room but I do love the cozying.  And I love it being dark at 4:30 p.m. 

And even more so this winter, I will love not getting up early on Sunday mornings to brave the bitter cold wind to get to church.  I hope that feeling of freedom never gets old.

I have filled the bird feeder again!  I hope this frequency isn't an indication of an early winter, but an indication that I'm just a pretty darned popular eating establishment.  I think I'm going to have to make an extra bird feeder for the winter.  I bought a small one, but it's too small even for the finches to rest on and eat from.  I have some empty soda bottles I can use to make feeders of.

I'm also going to make a God's Eye for above my altar.  Zach made one when he was little, only it had some Christian connotation to it then.  It's not necessarily Celtic, but I do like it and don't feel limited to just Celtic things. 

So now it's time to get busy again, get the clothes off the line, put more on, fix supper, do up the dishes and then crawl into bed to crochet away the night.  I can't believe how content I feel today.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling more content. I find that I often spend too much time on the computer too. It's just too temping sometimes - all these things that i can find out about with a few simple click-cllicks. But I'm actually really grateful for finding the blogging community - reading about other peoples journeys has made all the difference to my own. Other peoples ideas have made me grow so much and definitely lead me to a better understanding. If I hadn't started blogging i'm confident it wouldn't have started a whole string of things happening. I'm sure i wouldn't have bumped into Hekate and I'm certain i wouldn't have come to druidry, at least not yet. Both things have enriched my life enormously and it comes back to blogging and the blogs that i read. I'm now feeling a really peaceful pull to Rhiannon - the journey to Rhiannon has been a long one, about 10 years to complete the cycle of moving towards her - the whole blogging experience has finally led me to a place in my life where I can open my heart up and let Her in.
    So,after that long ramble, i'm just saying that you shouldnt beat up too much about your online time - sometimes it's a very useful tool.
    Everything in moderation huh ;)
    Nellie xx

  2. Ah, yes. Moderation. Thing is I haven't been using moderation. I'm doing much better though. I've cut my time in half at least and that makes me more productive.

    I agree it's a wonderful tool though. I would never have found my way to Druidry without it and I would be very lonely. I have made so many good friends online.