Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm fighting back now

Karma sucks!

Actually I quit believing in what goes around comes around while a Christian because it never did.  The truth is some people just get crapped on more than others.

What brings this up, you ask?  Well, Zach and I had the opportunity to help someone by jump starting his car only to find a dead battery when we came out of the store after reaching our own destination.  Did his battery drain ours?  Nope.  We're having problems with the battery and while I thought cleaning the terminal posts helped, apparently that really wasn't solving the problem.  But the process of trying to get the car started drained the battery and Tom had to come to our location to rescue us.  Good thing he was home tonight due to the holiday.  Otherwise we'd still be there because I don't have his work phone number.  He told me to carry it with me all the time from now on because he will come get me should it happen again.

Well, it ain't gonna happen again because I'm not driving the car anymore until he fixes the problem.  Which means I'm limited to any trips in the morning while he's home.

I know this isn't karma at all, but I just get tired of being on the butt-end of the bird all the time.  I swear someone cursed us years ago when we moved here because it's been one thing after another ever since.  No matter what good comes into our lives, there is something out there waiting to snatch it out of our hands and offer us crap instead.  We just keep getting piled on.

Well, I'm not taking this lying down anymore.  As a Christian, I was told to "trust in Christ" who would sustain me through it all...all the time watching the people who were telling me this load of bullshit take nice vacations twice a year or buy new cars or remodel their homes or buy expensive furniture (and don't get me started on the expensive home the pastor had that we were essentially paying for.)  These were "lessons" that God had for us that we were supposed to learn from.


No, the truth is some people just consistently get crapped on and some get to do the crapping.

I'm not sure how to change things (and no, I don't want to do the crapping but it would be nice to get out of the cesspool) but I am going to try.  At the very least, I'm not going to take it lying down anymore, that's for sure.  And I'm not looking for anyone to "save" me from this situation at all. 

Personally I think that is the beginning of wisdom.

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