Thursday, September 30, 2010

The mojo finds its way home

I'm doing a bit better today.  Thanks so much for the encouragement last night.  I think my mojo is coming back although I still haven't made it to the post office, Tana.  Sorry.

I got a few projects going with my knitting and crocheting.  I'm crocheting an earth shawl for myself.  It's in a chocolate brown and a very simple single and double crochet but it comes out very long and very Earth Mother like.  Well, to me anyway.  I have some off-white yarn that I might crochet another shawl out of for my air shawl.  I have a beaded scarf I knit to use for my fire element.  Not everything has to be the same.

And I got back to my art as well.  I'm not very good still but I'm getting there with ideas finally and motivation, at last.  Watching the documentaries from the extended version of The Lord of the Rings really motivates me because I see them living their dreams, being creative and persevering toward the goal.  I have no ambition or motivation and never really have had.  I'm hoping that my new-found direction will include those as well.

Here's my tree out back although drawn from my imagination and apparently several years into the future as the real tree is still an infant.  The rocks in the center of the picture are the altar I hope to set up sometime soon.

I also did some studying on Druidry, too.  Worked on my Book of Shadows and my Book of Pagan Prayers.  I'm making progress but that's another thing I need to do regularly and not sporadically, as I have been doing.  I'm reading a book by Robert Price about various religions, particularly neo-gnosticism (of course from the perspective that they are ridiculous) and it's boring me to tears.  Also a biography about Frank Sinatra that is also boring beyond belief. 

One of my big issues is not finishing what I start so I struggle through trying to finish books I begin.  I think my efforts are better spent in some other area because these books are just a waste of time.  I got the Price book because someone recommended it because it dealt with Joel Osteen, whose Christian theology seems to be a bit sketchy, but I've discovered that I'm just not interested in reading anything about Christianity anymore.  At least not in a doctrinal/theological way. 

So these will go into the book bag for their return to the library next week.  In the meantime I'll start The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper (book 2 of the series) and The Silmarillion.  I haven't read that all the way through yet.  I also need to re-read The Lord of the Rings again.  Okay, maybe not need, but I'd like to.

Plus all the lovely books that Tana got me on Druidry, Witchcraft, Herbs and Crystals.  All very, very good and fascinating books!

I'm spending less time online, thankfully so that's a start.  I'm leaving behind things that are destructive to my well-being and looking into things that are helpful to me both in matters of education, spirituality and build up my morale.

For now I'm off to finish up supper and then eagerly pick up hook and needle for hours of tv watching and crafts.

And my pencils.


  1. You're very good at your art, Kathy. That drawing is really beautiful. I love trees too, so that helps. ;)

    I'm spending less time online too and I have to say it helps me feel lighter. Though my brain doesn't know what to do with all the extra time. I figure it will fall back to the healthier way of being soon.

    I'm going to knit tonight myself and watch some TV. (And don't worry about the post office.) Love and hugs friend.

  2. Your drawing of the backyard tree is lovely, simply lovely!

  3. Thank you so much. It's nice to have my ego stroked once in a while. My husband thinks being brutally "honest" is the best way to go so he picks apart my writing and drawing. I don't show them to him anymore, to be honest. One can take only so much "honesty."

    You've encouraged me to keep up with it, thanks.