Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dreams are not legal contracts

Apparently, dreaming is in the air.  Tom's dreams have been vivid as well.  I had another dream last night about the 12 Olympians in their thrones in a semi-circle.  They were earnestly discussing something with each other and didn't seem to notice me.  Or they didn't regard me.  Either one.

I will acknowledge that I got the last Percy Jackson book at the library yesterday and read it all in one sitting so that might have influenced me.  But I can't say I had a dream about the Olympic Gods when reading the other books.  But you never know. Still, nothing happens in dreams that lock you in to a commitment.  Which is good since I'm so commitment phobic.

I'm so intrigued that it was Athena who came to me in a dream because, as I said in the comments of the last post, she's never been one of the Goddesses I would have considered.  Had it been Artemis, I might have thought it was wishful dreaming, but being Athena, I tend to take it more seriously.

Although that still doesn't mean I should walk the Greek path.  But I must admit it seems like I'm fighting a walk in that direction.  As Tana said yesterday in the comments, we're ruined when it comes to making commitments.  Does that aspect ever heal in a person?  Can you stop being afraid of making wrong choices?

I found an owl statue at the thrift store today.  It's tiny, about 2 inches tall (actually there are two owls, one slightly larger than the other) and looks like bronze, although probably not as it doesn't feel heavy enough to be metal.  Just the right size for my altar.  I noticed that I also have a stag bell and a sand dollar as well.   Hmmmm....

I've been pondering having an eternal flame.  I did something similar to this in the interim between Samhain and Yule.  I have a battery-operated candle that I used instead of trying to set fire to the house, but I have a potpourri pot that I have scented water in (mostly lavender or lilac oils...and believe me when I tell you two drops is more than enough!) and a tea candle lasts about 3 hours in it.  And since it is so nicely contained and can't tip over, it would be safe to use while I'm at home.  I can flip the battery-operated candle on for night or when I leave.  I like the idea of it, thinking of it as a line of communication left open with the Gods all the time, even if it is mostly symbolic.  But I happen to be a huge fan of symbolism.

I'll be able to be more articulate once my headache goes away and I can think again.  Another reason not to make any commitments right now.  Or burn any bridges for that matter.

I'm off for evening devotional time and then to bed.  I might have to get up early to make a doctor's appointment to deal with the sinus infection that will not end and that means a very early wake up call.


  1. I don't care what your doctor says -- the only thing that will completely knock out a sinus infection is antibiotics! Medical degree? I don't need no stinkin' medical degree.

  2. LOL!

    I didn't get up in time to make an appointment today but I'll try again tomorrow.

  3. Get. Some. Antibiotics!!!!!! I do have a degree...I'm Dr. Iknoweverything, M.D.

  4. I'm pretty sure the infection is in the bones now so I will be getting up tomorrow morning to call for an appointment. I've never had trouble getting over sinus infections before this. I have them frequently but never had them go this deep before.