Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change, energy and me

I guess people do change.

Zach and I ran into some people from our old, fundie church, although these were some of our closest friends and we've maintained some contact with them since leaving.  Don't get me wrong, they're still very much conservative Christians, if not fundies, but they've never really done the whole preaching routine at us.

So anyway we ran into them at StuffMart and since I knew their daughter, and Zach's best friend while we were there, was in the country from Norway, I asked after her.  Come to find out she was there in the store.  Since we had already checked out, I stayed with the cart and Zach went to visit with her while I visited with my friends.  We talked about lots of stuff...but nothing religious.  I know they know I'm a Pagan now because we're friends on facebook and up until I friended my aunt, I had lots of things that mentioned I was Pagan.  And I know Jessica knows because she's read this blog before.  Only once, but that's all she needed to.

So when it was my turn to visit with her and drool all over that precious baby, I had a great talk with her.  Before she was always bossy and very preachy, even calling me one time to tell me to throw away Zach's Evanescence cd because it was evil.  But she never mentioned church, God or anything like that.  And what was so weird was last night, each of us, without the other knowing of course, was looking at a newpaper article about Zach's homeschooling a few years ago.  And then we weren't going to go to town today but we did and there she was.

Her response to that really blew me away.  Instead of talking about how God was in the details or anything like that, she just replied with a great big smile, "How random."  I loved that response.  But what was more, I loved that she didn't feel a need to religionize me.  I know she's still a Christian from her facebook stuff, but she's so much more private about it than she used to be.

So we said we would get together and knit and stuff and her mom is going to set something up so we can all get together.  Although I suspect it will be a party with more than us, which I wouldn't be comfortable with since most of the old friends from my old church aren't so polite about religion, but we'll see. 

In other news, the cleaning I've done so far on the house has woken up so much energy that Zach is having a hard time sleeping.  He's always has insomnia, from birth in fact, but has never had this much trouble.  The energy is palpable, though.  I'm sure we'll get used to it especially since I'm so motivated to continue.  My body isn't cooperating very well right now, so I'm slowing down my approach, but we'll get there no matter how long it takes.

But for now, I still have a few things to do before collapsing into bed.  Emotionally it was a pretty good day.  Physically, I could use some help so I'm going to light some candles, focus on channeling some of that energy in the atmosphere into my sore, aching muscles and joints and then attend to my knitting and documentaries.


  1. How wonderful to have such a positive interaction with former church members! I'm glad for you and Zach.

  2. Thanks, Debra and Tana (and happy birthday to Tana, btw)

    It was good to see them but I don't see us being close friends or doing things together again. I don't really have anything in common with them anymore and what would we talk about besides our children, like we did yesterday. But it was so good to see Jessica toned down and not so in your face about religion.

    I would like to get together now and then though.