Thursday, March 22, 2012

They're coming home

No, not the Greeks.

I had decided, since I can't seem to make a connection with the Norse gods to just put the call out there and see who answers. I miss the feeling of having a houseful of gods.  The house feels bleak without them.  So over the past couple of days, I've been listening, watching and waiting. a crow was cawing at me this morning from his perch in a tree across the highway.  I'm sure it was me he was talking to because he was facing me and when I moved, he changed his direction as well.  Finally several other crows came to him and they all flew off.

This morning I saw the name Brighid several times in places I wouldn't have thought to see the name.  I called upon her this morning when I lit the hearth candle and felt a tiny response.  When I called upon the other hearth goddesses...nothing.

The name Cernnunos has been in my mind for two days running.  Nearly non-stop.

I think I'm right back where I started.  In Druidry with the gods of the British Isles.  Not leaping and dancing for joy but I do feel a bit of a glow, like a small fire in the fireplace.  I'm tired of drifting, dating around. wooing the gods.  I want to settle down and make a commitment.  I told Zach that as much as the Norse gods intrigued me and that I wanted to learn about them, they really didn't fit in well with my personality and my character.  There are things about them that are in direct conflict with how I view the world:  both this one and the one past the veil.  When it comes down to it, the gods of the British Isles are a perfect fit for me.  I just didn't let them pull me in.  That fear thing, of course.

I pulled out my Druidry books and notes and such last night but this fatigue has me so beaten down that I fell asleep before I could read anything.  And I doubt tonight will be much different since the city woodchopper woke me up way early this morning. I did do some reading this morning though (and fell sleep reading) so I have made some effort.

The house already feels less empty. Not full, but there are definitely some gods here. I'll wait it out and see how it goes.


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    1. I replied to this yesterday but it's not showing up now for some reason. Anyway....thanks, Cin! Can't wait until you get in this neck of the woods.