Monday, March 26, 2012

It turns out committing isn't a bad thing, after all

I've been doing more reading lately...both for study and for fun. I'm making my way through Lord of the Rings once again. I quit counting at 35 times read but that was over 20 years ago. I think I've only read it a couple of times since then.  As I'm also working on my annual journey through all my dvds, including commentaries and documentaries on both the theatrical version and the extended version, I thought it was time.

I'm reading The Druid Handbook again while consulting my notes from the first read-through to see if my impressions have changed any.  They have.  I can thank my journey through other pantheons for that.  And that is a good thing.  Zach wants to go through his Dragon Magic book together so we're going to read that and the Spellcraft book in the evenings after ritual.  I don't know if he's going to be there for ritual; it's not important that he is but would be nice.  I'm finally feeling committed after all this time. Or maybe I'm feeling like I should be committed.  Either way it feels good.

I have had such a connection with the gods of the Celtic way.  I mean powerful and physical connections. Immediate, too.  I feel like I was welcomed back with open arms.  My morning ministrations to Brighid have been incredible.  Cernnunos and the Morrigan have been ever-present.  And Cerridwen sits on my altar and smiles at me.  The family altar this time.

The troll hasn't been back since telling me I was going to hell to burn for all eternity.  Thankfully.  But I did get a letter today from a girl who was in our old fundie church and has since moved to California.  She wanted money so she could go save the souls of the people in Papua, New Guinea.  The letter is now in shreds in my wastebasket because I figure the people of Papua, New Guinea are fine the way they are, especially as 96% of them consider themselves to be Christians. But I guess the 4% who are Muslims or Pagan need her help.

Gah!  I wish to fuck missionaries would leave those people alone to live with their traditions and religions.  I weep to think about all the cultures lost because the people were told their ways were evil and had to destroy everything that made them who they were.

Not to mention I haven't seen this girl in over 7 years.  I guess when you want money, everyone becomes your friend.

 Back to me, though.  I'm also reading Rituals of the Dark Moon, slowly making my way through it.  I didn't make it far enough in to celebrate that last Dark Moon but I didn't want to rush it. I'm pacing myself, figuring out what adjustments I'll make to the Wiccan-based rituals she uses.  I'm not one for casting circles. I like to call the corners but I don't do well locked into a circle.  Still, there is plenty of room for doing it differently as she explains. I haven't even gotten into the good stuff yet.  Can't wait.

Well, I can smell supper cooking so I'm off to finish that up and then ritual, reading and bed.  I greeted the Morning today, much earlier than I wanted to. I don't think she recognized me.

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