Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elvis has left the playground with updates X 3

I know that people are people no matter where you go so I wasn't surprised to see some snark going on in a Pagan group I belonged to on facecrack.  I just don't do the gossip thing, though.  When someone comes to the group and says tearfully that they have to leave because someone there doesn't like them and everyone jumps on that bandwagon to basically start trash talking the person who isn't a part of the conversation, I'm uncomfortable about it.  I had suspicions that I knew what it was about but wasn't going to make any assumptions.  So I just said I wasn't comfortable with the direction the discussion was taking.

Two people thought the same until the administrator came in and said she knew what it was about and this person could say whatever he wanted.  Then I knew for sure who was involved because the admin really dislikes the person who I thought was being gossiped about.  So, of course it's okay to talk badly about people you don't like.

Without a backward glance, I left the group.  I don't expect Pagans to be better than their Christian counterparts at all.  But I'm not going to play in their playground if that's the way they want to behave.

It's a shame because it was the only chance I had (until Cin moves here) to meet any Pagans in the area.  But I will admit that I had reservations because of other things going on as well.  Some territorial behavior from the admin toward someone trying to help (even if he didn't go about it the right way, you don't jump his shit in front of everyone else) and some other snarking that was going on.  Plus  a lot of deleting of things that didn't go the admin's way.

So...who needs 'em?  Just glad I've got my online friends.

And just for clarification...the other party never said that the "injured" party should leave the group.  No  trying to get people on her side at all.  In fact, I only figured it out based on an obscure conversation she had.

Update:  Of course the manipulation worked...the person has joyously agreed to stay in the group and not let  one closed minded twit ruin everything.  Oh, yeah...that's not manipulation.  And of course people are patting him on the back.  Never mind that he's trash talking someone who isn't there to defend herself.

Fuckin' jerks.

Update 2:  Even if the person I think it is, isn't the one being trashed, I still think it's fucking wrong to do it.

Update 3:  Someone called him out on his name-calling and surprise! the admin has deleted the entire conversation.  Not the first time she's done something like this.  And yes, I'm aware I'm being a bit bitchy about this whole thing but this is where I can vent safely.


  1. Not shocked. And if I had been in the group still I wouldn't have seen it since I have him blocked.

    I appreciate that you told me though. And yea I know the admin doesn't like me. I'm too forward and too popular and have too much backbone for her to like me. Queen bees don't like leaders.

    Whatever, They can have their little bitch fest. When I get there and start doing my own thing.. we'll see how many of them suddenly want to be my pal.

    1. I did worry that telling you might stir up things far worse for you than they already were, but if this was you and the person was acting in this manner, then I felt it was a matter of safety that you knew what he was doing in the group, lest you get here and find he's got a coalition of supporters against you. He sounds dangerous to me with his inability to take no for an answer and trying to turn people against you. Still, I'm glad I left the group especially after the administrator blamed both of us for not letting her know of the situation, even though I did let her know of the situation and she basically told me to mind my own business and then deleted it after he proved me right.

  2. I don't do online groups unless they are old bloggy friends exclusively. I can't be bothered with the horseshit drama. I don't have time for that crap. If I want drama, I'll spend the day with my crazy family.