Thursday, March 15, 2012

The path becomes clearer

I hadn't been trying very hard to make a connection with the Norse gods but since I'm beginning to feel a void in my life without that connection, I think that means I'm ready to move forward.  And still feeling the pull toward Druidry no matter which path I take.

I read both Tarot and my Animal Oracle cards last night. It was interesting that the first pass on the Tarot was complete gibberish.  The second was down-right mean-spirited so I prayed to whatever god of divination was out there, calling upon Frigg, Apollo, Brighid...anyone and said that if I had offended in some say I wanted to let them know how sorry I was for offending them if they would just tell me what it was I did. I got nothing but the next spread was really good and really clear.  It was completely in agreement with the Animal Oracle cards that my path and my gods were those of my ancestors and that I was ready to move into that stage of study and initiation (not necessarily formal...more of a commitment type of deal.)  This really fell into line with the things I had been pondering about how to merge my new-found love of the Norse gods with my old lover, Druidry.

And today, while reading Our Troth, I read about the intermingling of the Celts and Germanic peoples and how many of the religious, cultural and social aspects had crossed barriers during that time.  As my ancestry is Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Apache (supposedly) it seemed a great blending and the perfect path for me.  And there's a Norse Druid group on facecrack so I'm not the only one walking this path.

I suspect this is where I've been heading all along since I loved Druidry but could not connect with the Celtic/Irish/Welsh/etc deities.  I couldn't manage to perfect that blending with the Hellenic gods either but since the Norse are kissin' cousins to the Celts, this might just work out for the best.

There are many aspects of Asatru that I really love and feel an affinity for except I see myself more of a gentle soul. Not a hunter.  Not a warrior.  Fierce, maybe, but not one to use weapons.  Aside from my mean mouth, that is. That's where the Druid part fits in so well. 

I had books galore spread all over my bed today, reading and absorbing.  Until I fell asleep.  But it was a good day for learning otherwise.  And in just a few minutes, I'm going back to reading some more.  I have all my journals out as well, so maybe I'll actually start writing in them.  There is so much knowledge out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I haven't really developed any kind of rituals yet.  Still playing it by ear but as a fanatical lover of ritual, I am eager to start.  I've been reading Rituals of the Dark Moon in preparation for the next one.  I'm excited about it and loving the book so far.  Except she says that how you view rituals has to do with how you were raised.  And as I was raised Baptist, I should be one for just bare bones ritual or winging it.  Yet I love rituals.  The more formal, the better.  I must be an aberration.  Still, the rest of it is very good.

I plan on working on writing prayers in journals tonight so I have them handy for my morning rituals.  I've been trying to just pray from my heart but I don't do well with extemporaneous prayer.  Stems from all those times in church when I was called upon to pray and just stumbled all over myself attempting it.  But written prayers have a quality to them that is poetry.

And so I go back to the books and enjoy all they have to offer.

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