Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Down time

I haven't done much of anything in the way of moving forward on my spiritual path because I've felt like crap for the past several days due to a nasty cold given by, thankyouverymuch, my husband.  Bless his heart he didn't miss any work and I acted like a big baby but I seriously think mine was worse than his.  And he can't prove me wrong. :)

I've avoided lit candles and incense lately because both seem to irritate my throat.  I have offered up prayers to Eir and any health deity out there who is available and I am feeling a bit better today although I'm heading back to bed in just a few minutes.  Still, I'm not in the mood to learn or ponder anything of any spiritual significance right now.  My brain is mush.  What little I got read last week will have to be re-read so there's no point in trying to move forward in my books.

In the meantime, down time is what is called for.  Rest and nourishment for the body.  The spirit can wait for now.

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