Monday, January 24, 2011

Still enjoying the journey

I watched an episode of Midsomer Murders last night about...gasp...evil witches.  Or ridiculous witches.  Either way they didn't represent any witches I know in any realistic way.  But I'm weird in that it doesn't bother me.  If they showed any religious group as they really were, it would make for a boring episode.  I've seen a few eps on MM that showed the right-wing, fanatic branches of Christianity, so I'm not offended.

Still, it was a good episode with Ronald Pickup and his real life daughter playing his character's daughter.  They had a rare commentary for the episode with John Nettles and Jane Wymark.  Both very funny although John tends to be a bit dismissive of any other detective/cop show.  Not in a rabid way though.

I'm doing well in my journey.  It's amazing me how my heart directs me when I'm not being influenced by other people's rules for their own journeys.  I have so much studying I want to do that doesn't involve doctrine, dogma or anything theological.  And yet each of the things I really want to study will help me further along my spiritual path without dictating to me what that path is.  Still stress-free so far.

I am feeling a bit lazy spiritually of late but I don't feel neglectful or guilty about it.  It actually feels pretty good and a bit healthy for the soul.  I recommend it.

Dark Mother has graciously included this blog in a list of some really impressive blogs she reads.  I recommend you go to her blog and click on each of these links because these are some amazing women.  I'm humbled to be included in their numbers.  Plus I recommend you read her blog regularly.  I want to bff her Inner Bitch. 

Another blog I really recommend is She Who Seeks.  She's funny, witty and is another of my mentors. If I get nothing else read in the course of a day, I read hers and Dark Mother's blogs.  They are must-reads.

Off to spend some time resting as I'm still not sleeping uninterrupted and it's affecting me in all areas.  I must remember to try the herbal tea tonight. I forgot last night.

Blessed Be.


  1. You're welcome!

    And you're worth it!

  2. Kathy, I am flattered that you referred to my "Inner Bitch" : ) I always thought my "Outer" was pretty bitchy too ; )

    Thrilled to hear you have dialed it back and are tuning in and enjoying your Spiritual Journey. That's what it's all about. The Goddess is about receiving. :::shivers:::

    Also, Debra is the shiznit!

  3. DM, your Outer Bitch is tremendous, too. I'm thinking Xena Warrior tremendous.

    I'm getting there but I'm not sweating the timetable like I was before. Thanks for the help there.