Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hellenismos, for now

It's a beautiful day today with lots of sunshine...just a tease prior to the predicted snow storm, alas.  Still, it revives the soul to see it.  I'm feeling cheerier than I've felt in weeks.

Spiritually things are going very well.  My path seems to have taken a decided direction toward Hellenismos, at least for now.  So far it's feeling very comfortable and familiar but I am just on the journey, not planning on setting down roots just yet.  It may turn out that I do, but for now, just enjoying the walk along the path.

I've been reading up on the Greek pantheon as well as reading some Homeric hymns, which are really good.  Not reading in a research sort of mode, but because I'm genuinely interested.  I'm just enjoying myself for now, not beating myself up for still seeking.

I'm finding my step is lighter, my outlook brighter and my energy levels...well, they're still the same, darn it.  But I am optimistic about the changes that are going on with me on this new path.  Optimistic, but cautious. 

I had a good talk with Tom this morning about the changes.  He was supportive, and incredibly understanding.  I just hope he doesn't end up confusing me later.  Still, I'm taking his attitude now and enjoying it.  I think he's better able to understand this path because it's more familiar to him.  Everyone studied Greek mythology in school, after all.  Although this is quite a bit different from reading a book on mythology.  There are undercurrents of spirituality I never learned in school.

Since starting down this path, I've found I care more about myself.  I'm not sure why that would be, but I am taking better care of myself, getting dressed every day instead of living in my pajamas round the clock.  I'm not blaming my Celtic path for not taking care of me, but it's obvious to me that there was an element of unhappiness for me on that path that I couldn't define.  Still can't.  And as I may yet walk down that path again, I'm hoping the answer will come to me eventually.

I know one partial answer at least is that I'm finding that empty place inside me filled.  The one that missed the rituals of Christianity.  The one that loved those rituals and couldn't find a suitable substitute before.  Still, I'm not setting anything in stone anymore because that feels burdensome.  I will just do what I'm doing and enjoy the scenery.

To the journey.


  1. You sound so peaceful. I'm happy for you!

  2. I've always loved the Greek pantheon too, right from when I was a kid. You're right -- people are familiar with the basics of Greek mythology and so it doesn't seem as weird to them for someone to be interested in it!

  3. I can thank you two and Tana for the peace. I wouldn't have it if you guys hadn't shared your wisdom with me about how to just walk the path.

    I have discovered that some (just some) Pagans from the Nature religions think worshiping Greek gods is silly though. I can't figure that one out.