Monday, November 1, 2010

Another day on the right path

Today's reading on the Earth Path (The Druidry Handbook) discussed various ways of being ecologically  responsible.  There was a list or two of various things one could do to accomplish this but since I already do over half of them and the other just aren't feasible, my reading felt a bit empty today.

I did read a bit in Druid Magic about shapeshifting (no, not like in Twilight) which was really interesting and had more to do with creating spiritual personas rather than actually turning into a creature.  I'm not sure this is something I want to pursue, however.  But it was interesting.

I also started reading in the Tarot book I got from the library since I really feel that's an area I want to work in.  I also got out my Scott Cunningham books to work through as well.  It was a pretty productive morning in spite of not getting up until around 10:30.  I would have slept longer but Professor doesn't like me staying in bed when he wants to get up.  It doesn't matter if everyone else is up.  He thinks I need to be awake as well.

I do need to focus on sleep but since I determined that I am the Moon instead of the Sun, I'm not going to struggle against my natural sleep patterns and try to get up early anymore.  I'll let myself sleep in and not fight getting to sleep early.  I just need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. 

We didn't celebrate Samhain last night.  I really need to learn to put up barriers because every holiday that has gone by since starting on this path, I've had my energy completely drained to the point I can't do anything to celebrate.  I didn't figure it out until Sunday what has been going on. 

I am going to try to do something indoors tonight.  I just don't have the energy to go outside to set it up or to perform any rituals out there.  Indoors will be something simple and not overly exhausting although I do plan on going out to speak to Pearl, my beloved cat who is buried up on the hill and leave some gifts for the crows and squirrels.  It's all they get for the year although the crows have been known to steal the suet.

I will speak also to my grandmother tonight but I'll do that indoors.  She's been on my mind lately and I wonder if my gifts came from her.  She was a bit of a seer, I discovered, and I suspect her Christianity was more cultural than devout.  Not that she was secretly Pagan, but I do believe she was more in tune with the Otherworld than any of my other family.  And yet I knew her the least out of all my grandparents.

I'm also planning on leaving a meal for Pearl on my neglected outdoor altar, which I really do intend to fix up this week.  I just need energy to do that.

Well, I am off to knit for a while and watch some documentaries I dvr'd.  One about the Trail of Tears and another about animals.  I just can't remember which animal.  Hazy brained today.

Blessed Dio de los Muertos to everyone.  Or Happy All Saints Day to those who celebrate that instead.

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