Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greedy birds, colder weather and fighting the desire to hibernate

The moon was beautiful tonight.  Low in the sky, full-ish and yellow and looking a bit larger than normal. I am convinced that I need to spend more time outdoors from now on since I feel a need to curl up in my bed all winter long, and that I need to manage my time better.  Now that I'm on the healing side of the hill I plan on trying my best to accomplish those things.  But tonight I'm going to crawl into bed, light a candle or two and catch up on some reading as well as knitting and crocheting.  I find those very spiritual activities.

I'm feeling better although I had a small headache today, which I'm sure will go away as soon as I take something for it.  I'm weaning off the cold medicine and echinacea.

My greedy birds have once again eaten all their food but the wind knocked the top off the gazebo-type feeder and it spilled most of the food on the ground.  I guess the squirrels, mice and rabbits will have their turn for a day or so.  I'll get out there and fill them up again tomorrow with a more stable feeder.  I hope two feeders will be enough.  I noticed they were eating some of the suet today.  It sure got cold enough for them to need it.

I need my bed so I'm off to curl up under the covers.

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