Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I need to find a spell for sleep

I ended up having a small ceremony of sorts at my indoor altar because I'm suffering through debilitating fatigue due in part to no sleep.  Or lack of.  I lit some candles and some special incense and spoke with my grandmother and my mother-in-law.  I was too tired to listen for a response but that's okay.  In time, now that the election is nearly over and I won't get woken up early in the morning with those frelling automated calls, I'll be back to barely functioning instead of not functioning at all.

I put an electric candle in the window to light the way for the ancestors.  I started out with a bigger candle but it was scented (vanilla) and gave me a headache.  I switched to an electric tea candle, which I have enough of, but I'd really prefer the bigger one.  Maybe as it's used the scent won't be so strong.  I'll keep vigil until Yule.

I'm still being amazed how supportive Tom is about all this. 

I wasn't even able to read at all yesterday.  My mind just wouldn't work well enough to retain a paragraph.

Still, I was able to watch a few documentaries that raised my blood pressure.  One was about the Gates of Hell which reminded me why I left Christianity and why I'm so glad not to be immersed in it anymore.  I couldn't handle all the salivating over the people who were being tortured in hell because they didn't check the right box.  But it did explain why so many "Christians" are in love with the idea of torturing people for information.  And justifying the death penalty.  Which made me think of human sacrifice since the Christians I have known in the past always attributed the death penalty to their God and how justice must be exacted and how God loves it when you kill off your prisoners.  Sounds like human sacrifice to me.  At least it's how the ancient Celts did it, and the Romans though they wouldn't call it that.

I won't be able to study tonight as I only got a few hours sleep before the asshole Ron Johnson called me this morning waking me up to tell me why I should vote for him.  Not a chance, I can tell you.  I'm not sure I'll be much good knitting either.  But I need to finish winterizing in case I break down and turn the furnace on tomorrow.  So I'm off to get something done before I crash.


  1. Should you consult a doctor about this insomnia? It can't be good for you in the long run. I'm concerned about you!

  2. My doctor is aware of it but anti-depressants, which would help rectify the problem are out for me because of interaction with my pain meds. We talked about it during my physical and she said she can attribute nearly all my health problems to it. At the time, though, I was getting 8 hours a few times a week and thought the problem was resolving itself. I might make an appointment with her for a sleep aid if the otc stuff doesn't work.

    But it's getting worse than it's ever been so yeah, I need to find a solution to this. Part of the problem is having my sleep interrupted so much by outside influences. People just seem to hate it when you're sleeping while they're awake. Or think they can call early in the morning because they're up, so why shouldn't you be.

    Thanks so much for your concern. It's getting to the point where I'm very concerned about it as well.