Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trying to find the positive

I think I'm finally on the  upswing from the fatigue/pain flare up of my fibromyalgia.  At least I'm going to pretend I am so I can be more positive about it.

I haven't been studying much the past couple of days due to the brain fog that always accompanies the fatigue.  Not so much the pain though.  I've been known to have a clear mind throughout a painful period, which is one of the reasons I'd rather suffer through the pain than the fatigue.

I have, however, been forging a better relationship with the Goddess/Gods by just communicating with them.  A few lit candles and some silent time has done more for me than the studying.  The studying is beneficial, however, just not crucial for a relationship.

I have hopes of continuing on with the studies and keeping my daily observances...well...daily.  I also hope to spend more time outside as well.  Even though our "false spring" (how the hell can it be a false spring when we haven't even had winter yet?) is over and the temps will be dropping.  I'm feeling called outdoors.

For tonight, however, I'm just muddling through doing the mundane things.  Hopefully all this sleep from the past couple of days has done the trick and my body has repaired itself a bit.  Time will tell.

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