Monday, November 22, 2010

Clear heads, clear sinuses

I'm much better today in spite of little sleep.  Hoping to get back to reading and studying and developing new rituals and routines.  I do much better when my life is organized.

I saw a 4 year old documentary on Pagans in England with Professor Ronald Hutton on it and I got a bit of a crush on him.  I first heard him on the Druidcast from OBOD and loved his voice and what he had to say.  That he had long hair just clinched it for me.  I'm a sucker for long hair on men.  Zach used to have hair halfway down his back and is growing it out once again.  Tom wears his hair military short, darn it.

I missed out on Full Moon again and a Blue Moon, too.  I'm hoping that my habits will soon develop so I am prepared for these events and holy days.  I'm still drifting a bit.  I do plan on changing my altar to Yule after December 1st.  I won't put the Christmas tree up until nearly Christmas.  We're going to celebrate since Tom is still a Christian but I won't put any religious ornaments up or any religious decorations.  If it means enough to Tom he can put them up.

I'm hoping I can get my house cleaned up so I can smudge it before he gets home.  I'm still not terribly comfortable doing rituals around him.  I'm glad I have the freedom to practice my religion openly but I don't absolutely trust him not to mock my beliefs.  It's a long history that I used to have on my other blog but deleted because I didn't want him to read it and I got to thinking it wasn't entirely appropriate for me to use that blog as a punching bag.

Off to eat supper and then fall into bed and knit some more.

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  1. So glad you're feeling a bit better. Love to you. (PS - tried to send you photos via email and it said it didn't go through?)